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Thread: Post your Perler Beads designs!

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    Post your Perler Beads designs!

    Perler beads are super easy to use. You can buy 11,000 of them for ~$15.00 at your local craft store.
    All you need are the beads, some reusable ironing paper that comes with the beads, an iron, and a base to add them to.
    They're great for making magnets, Christmas tree ornaments, or larger art pieces you can frame and hang on your wall!
    Lots of people use them to make designs from video game pixel art. What design ideas can you come up with?

    Here are some sources of inspiration to help you get started:

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    Some creations I did back in april:

    "By the Power of Plastic... I HAVE THE LEGO!"

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    I love these! A lot of people do their favorite characters "Mega Man" style with them.

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    i made a whole bunch of marvel versions of these, and tmnt.... i never got to heman yet.

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