Here's my story. I'm having to move to California from Kentucky because of family medical reasons (my boyfriend broke his back in January). As a result, I'm having to sell almost my whole collection of stuff. I hate to do it and it pains me to do it but I really need the money for the move. Think of it as a fundraiser to help with medical bills and moving costs. I have figures from every collection and I'm going to list tons of other stuff in the Other Marketplace. Please check out my auctions and bid. I would love these to go to someone who will love them. I'm a trusted seller on eBay with no negative feedback and have dealt with people here before as well. I also was a moderator for a few years. Unfortunately due to time constraints I cannot ship internationally. Thanks for your time.

HUGE HUGE HUGE lot of Golden Girl and Guardians of the Galaxy Figures Both Loose and MIB, Rare Male Figures MIB and Many Fashions MIB

Exclusive Transformers Optimus Prime Mini-Statue

TMNT Toddler Turtles

DC Barbies Supergirl, Batgirl and Wonder Woman MIB

Disney Vinylmation Figures

Hello Kitty Figures

Marvel Legends Young Avengers MIB

My Little Pony 25th Anniversary Set

Minimates Caption Kirk with Tribbles and Spiderman with Gray Hulk Exclusives

Victoria's Secret Max and Lucy Exclusive Stuffed Yorkshire Terriers

Lot of 10 Transformers including Unicron and Exclusive Landfill Set

Huge Lot of the first series of Winx Dolls

Sega Game Gear Handheld Unit in Original Box

3 Exclusive Muppets Sets MIB

Huge Lot of Buffy the Vampire Exclusive Figures

Lord of the Rings Galadriel Barbie MIB

Lord of the Rings Figures with Armies of Middle Earth Figures including Exclusive Twilight Frodo Set

Thundercats Figures Loose with No Accessories including Jaga

Limited Edition King Leonidas Life-Size Helmet from the movie 300 MIB It's awesome and could easily be used for cosplay! It fits my big head, lol.