View Poll Results: Most wanted Heroic Warrior ( multiple choice)

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  • Rio Blast

    72 51.06%
  • Extendar

    72 51.06%
  • Gwildor

    48 34.04%
  • Rotar

    29 20.57%
  • Lizard Man

    64 45.39%
  • Hawke

    51 36.17%
  • Kittrina

    41 29.08%
  • Koldar

    6 4.26%
  • King Miro

    38 26.95%
  • Creatus

    7 4.96%
  • Dree Elle

    35 24.82%
  • Uncle Montork

    30 21.28%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Who is the most wanted of the Heroic Warriors?

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    Who is the most wanted of the Heroic Warriors?

    Which of the remaining Masters or Heroic Warriors is most wanted?

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    Rio Blast and Extendar are both eqally important to me, but we got Rio in the 200X Staction Line, if MOTUC would kick the bucket I'd have at least his 200X version, so my vote is on Extendar.

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    Rio Blast and Extendar may be vintage figures, but storywise they have never played any role worthy of note; they're C/D-listers at best. I could do without them, especially without Rio Blast, who seems to belong more with Bravestarr than with MotU. Extendar repeats Mekanek's and Tallstar's gimmicks, but his unusual whiteness makes him stand out somewhat from among the rest of the troupe. So, for me, Rio Blast would be a "wasted" slot (and I don't care if some vintage-only people riot at this statement, since we have to put up with their "wasted slot" bile against PoP and NA day in day out), considering how many other characters much more important than him for the mythos are at stake and how many scarce tooling dollars in unique non-reusable parts he would suck up for himself. And Extendar is somewhat cool-looking, but also inessential (and would also drain too many precious tooling dollars). Rotar would at least offer something markedly different.

    Storywise, the most important Heroic Eternian character remaining is Gwildor; especially in MotUC, where his Cosmic Key plays a fundamental role in the storyline. Whether some people think he is a "dork" is utterly irrelevant. He's among the primary characters in the mythos and thus deserves a slot much more than most other remaining vintage figures. The Widgets (inexplicably absent from the poll), as the miners of coridite, are also much more important storywise than D-list "warriors" like Rio Blast. BTW, Gwildor is a widget in my canon.

    Dree Elle and Montork, for their part, were recurring characters in the Filmation cartoon, unlike other characters in the poll, and alongside the Oracle they're the most prominent characters of the "Trollan faction" after Orko. Since MotUC has given Trollans a more prominent role in the story than previously, it stands to reason they should release more Trollan characters.

    As for Lizard Man, we have plenty of evil reptilian characters, so getting a heroic one would be refreshing. Plus, his strikingly unique physique would be a better use of tooling dollars than Rio Blast's guns, in my opinion.

    Kittrina is one of too few female non-human characters in the mythos, so her presence in MotUC would contribute to balance things a bit in several respects. Plus I think we need more non-human characters in general, especially more representatives of the main non-human species, such as qadians, andreenids or caligars (so Ceratus, Queen Andreeno or Stingrad would be welcome, as well). And Garth is painfully absent from the poll.

    Some other inhabitants of the bright side of Eternia that were left out of the poll include Melaktha, Delora, Celice, Ileena, Garn, Lubic (in Eternian robes), Lt. Andra (Prince Adam's bodyguard), the Rose Goddess (who would be a nice female companion to Moss-Man), Lady Edwina (OK, she may be somewhat mean-spirited rather than "heroic", but she's one of the Eternian royals), Kuduk Ungol, Oo-Larr... Depending on whether or not the Preternian heroics are considered part of the same faction, the poll would also be lacking Eldor, Grey, Queen Veena, Zilora, King Tamusk... (IMO, Sharella has already been released under the "BG Teela" moniker, so I'd consider "re-releasing" her a beyond-wasted slot). Also depending on whether or not the Son of He-Man heroics are considered an extension of the same faction, Dare and Kay-La would also be lacking from the poll.
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    Extendar was my favorite MOTU back when I was a kid. But... I almost hope Rio Blast is more popular, because which ever one of them is most popular will surely be used to sell the 2015. I want Extendar in 2014!
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    Gwildor... Cause why the heck not!
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    this is a hard one for me.

    First off Multiple choice confuses me because most wanted should be by definition the one, not many.

    But so it is.

    Then I want different things for different reasons. I'm typing this in an effort to decide who.

    So I had Rio Blast, so of course I'd like him, but though i was never even aware of Extendar until long after the line ended, I still never have seen one in person, but he looks like an awesome design and I really am looking forward to him in MOTUC.

    But I am really excited about Rotar & Twistoid. i just see them having the legs ala King Hiss, and I love their designs as characters outside of being tops.

    And I really want a King Miro, but what he'd actually be designed like is up in the air so I am worried about how he'd be. IF he were basically the Miro from the recent minicomic, that would be my most wanted Hero. But who knows what he'll be if he even gets made.

    So...Rotar I guess because he'll be the most exciting to see just what they did but also a design I'm familiar with.

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    I expected Extendar to be in the lead, and I assume he is on the new roadmap anyway. But we need Gwildor! We already have the Cosmic Key - we need its creator.

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    Extendar, Rio Blast and Gwildor are my most wanted heroes.
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    Lizard Man, Rio Blast, Exxtendar and that order...

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    Rio Blast and Gwildor should be winners, I mean, vintage has to finish in these next two years

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