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Thread: Jonny Quests dad died

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    Jonny Quests dad died

    John Stephenson , voice actor

    It was a loooong time ago now since it aired , over 50 yrs actually.
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    According to Wikipedia (which would have multiple, reliable sources by now) He died on the 15th from Alzheimer's.

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    Actually, I tend to think of him primarily as Thundercracker. (And Huffer & Windcharger.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thatman View Post
    Actually, I tend to think of him primarily as Thundercracker. (And Huffer & Windcharger.)
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    Me too. He was Colossus in that Spider-Man episode with Cyberiad "Not ALL the power!". He was also a great Charles Xavier in Pryde of the X-Men.

    Rest in peace.

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    I grew up on the original Jonny Quest; he was very good in that, sounding very natural in the part. I picked out his voice a number of times over the years, but hadn't realized how incredibly versatile he was. Never realized he was Col. Wilcox in Super Friends or Hairy Scary in Casper's First Christmas (a holiday favorite of my mom's), in particular. Lots of old time favorites among the list of voices he did.
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