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Thread: From the Creator of Mega Man: Mighty No. 9

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    From the Creator of Mega Man: Mighty No. 9

    Mighty No. 9

    Keiji Inafune, creator of Mega Man, left Capcom in 2010. From then onward I was sorta sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for Inafune to sort of...remake Mega Man. From the ground up. From what I've read, he felt very strong about that series, so it only makes sense that once he was cut off from ownership he would try to rebuild the idea in a new era.

    So Keiji Inafune can't use Mega Man. What we may get now is Mighty No. 9! Very "Mega Man" in style and feel, but free to explore new styles and abilities now that it's in the original creator's hands and unhindered by Capcom, who...well no one knows just what they heck they want to do with Mega Man, but I'll bet you "new and interesting" isn't on their list. Granted, there's no way to tell just how "new" Mighty No. 9 will be, but I'm not gona lie: I'm friggin' excited. It's the first time in awhile that the idea of "Mega Man" is gona move forward again, and I'm all for it.

    So, if you're a Mega Man fan: give this a look and please consider helpin' out with the Kickstarter! I want to see where this goes, and hopefully all you Mega Man fans want to see as well.
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