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Thread: Quick FAQ on subs and early access

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    Quick FAQ on subs and early access

    I apologize if this exists or belongs elsewhere. I happily yield to whatever mods deem appropriate for this thread. I've noticed that many things concerning sale days are not well explained in one place, so I thought I'd put together a quick primer for DOS/EA and subs.

    1. When are sale days?
    - Most months, All Access Sales are on the 15th of the month. If that's a weekend, it will be the Friday before or Monday afterwards.
    - Occasionally, the sale moves a couple of days for a special event
    - There are special sales occasionally through the year on other days, but the monthly figures always come out as above

    2. What is in the sub?
    - 12 monthly figures
    - 4 quarterlies (variants or oversized)
    - 1 Sub Exclusive fig (typically around March)
    - 1 Map

    There are also minisubs (30th Anniversarry, Filmation)
    So far, each of these contains 6 standard figures.

    3. What's not in the sub?
    - SDCC exclusives
    - Travelling Con Exclusives
    - Chase figures (Spirit of Hordak, etc)
    - Weapons Packs
    - Playsets
    - Random extra goodies (Standor, Sky High, etc)

    4. When is Early Access?
    It's a little inconsistent, but it's generally on the 12th or 13th at 8am PST, 11am EST

    5. What is available in Early Access?
    Anything that is to be released monthly that is not part of the sub.
    -New figures/vehicles/playsets/weapon packs that are outside the sub
    -Reissues that are about to be available on day of sale.

    6. What is not available in Early Access?
    Anything in the sub

    7. Who can access early access?
    Anyone with a subscription

    8. What can and cannot be combined in shipping
    Anything in the same order can be combined. Multiple subs can be combined (if the credit card is the same)
    Early Access, Day of Sale and Subscription shipments cannot be combined with each other. This means occasionally, three shipments in a month.

    9. Why can't I see items that just went on sale.
    There are many issues with Digital River's website that cannot be helped from your end. One thing that can be helped in cache. If your browser has a copy of the webpage with items not for sale, it might not update properly when they go for sale. There are three ways to get the most recent version of a page:
    a. Open a different browser (not recommended as you can only do this once or twice)
    b. Clear your cache (brings up current info, but may clear out caches from other webpages you want to use)
    c. Open a new private tab in your browser (no known disadvantages)

    10. How much will a figure cost?
    Multipacks and special SKUs have their own prices. Standard figures are $27.00 for day of sale buyers and $25.00 through the subscription. This is the price before tax and shipping which will vary.

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    Good info for new subbers! Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by whbinder View Post
    4. When is Early Access?
    It's a little inconsistent, but it's generally on the 12th or 13th at 8am PST, 11am EST
    Actually generally it's on the 14th, unless sale day falls on Monday, then it's Thursday before the sale day.

    - Joni -

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    If ever a thread deserved it's own sticky, it would be this one.

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