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Thread: Seahawk ... WTB

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    Seahawk ... WTB

    Hey guys,

    I know seahawk isn't out until November... But i feel he may be tough to find and i really want him!

    I know he's popular so i probably won't get anyone willing to part ways with him... But if there is anyone who knows they won't be wanting him let me know!

    Pm me!

    All the best guys!

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    ... bump

    or does everyone want theirs? anyone getting multiples?!

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    I'll add my name to that list. I'm going to try to get one, but I also have a day job and no idea if I'll be able to swing it. If anyone's already planning on selling, I'd love a PM. Thanks!

    Sea Hawk

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    I know he won't be available day-of, and I have multiple Filmation subs. Let me make sure I don't have anyone else in line for him and I may be able to help one or both of you out (if I have any extra, it will likely only be one or two).

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    I have an extra, but it's very unlikely I'll sell him at cost if that's what your looking for.

    Looking at current eBay UK prices for Icer and Shokoti (and the inevitable loss on Nepthu) it's likely I'm gonna have to recoup some of the losses I take on those, by selling Sea Hawk at a premium.
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