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Thread: ToyHypeUSA Store – 50% Off On All US Shipping Until Labor Day - MOTUC DCIE & More

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    ToyHypeUSA Store – 50% Off On All US Shipping Until Labor Day - MOTUC DCIE & More


    Update: Forgot to mention we offer a secure checkout using Paypal.
    Update 2: We are sold out of DCU Fire. We created a new bundle set for DCU Huntress and Freddy Freeman. If you prefer Larfleeze or Phantom Stranger instead of Freddy Freeman we will adjust it. Just place the order and let us know in an email!!

    We have lowered all US shipping fees by 50% on all products and bundle sets offered at Our Store. We are offering the Fighting Foe Men for $55.00 with free shipping to anywhere in the US, and we will discount our international cost for shipping as well. Head on over to our store now and get additional savings with shipping!! At this 50% off sale price we cannot offer a lower shipping fee depending on your shipping location.

    Our office is starting to over flow a bit with some Mattycollector items (January’s Netossa to current). We need your help to move out this inventory and will even sell for less than what we paid for it if you wish to purchase more than 1 figure (DC, MOTUC, or mix and match with a bundle set (don’t forget about Marvel Legends Big Time Spider-Man variant!) – make one up yourself or choose one of ours).

    Our new prices and latest offerings are shown below:

    Thank you in advance and please spread the news. Email any questions to

    Hasbro Marvel Legends 2012 Wave 2 Big-Time Spider-Man GREEN Variant $19.99
    MOTUC Bundle Set of 5 - MOTUC Clamp Champ, NA He-Man, Netossa, Fighting Foe Men, and Karatti $201.00
    DC Club Freddy Freeman $25.99
    DC Club Monsieur Mallah & The Brain $54.99
    DC Club Larfleeze $25.99
    MOTUC Snake Face $31.99
    MOTUC Clamp Champ, Netossa, Fighting Foe Men Bundle Set $140.00
    DCU Club Bundle DCU Club Infinite Earths Freedy Freeman, Larfleeze, Phantom Stanger, and the club exclusive Monsieur Mallah & The Brain $109.00
    MOTUC New Adventures He-Man & Karatti Bundle Set $68.00
    MOTUC Castaspella $33.99
    DCU Club Infinite Earths Fire $25.99 SOLD OUT!
    MOTUC Fighting Foe Men Free Shipping Offer (USA Only) $55.00
    MOTUC Octavia $31.99
    MOTUC Clamp Champ, NA He-Man, Netossa, Fighting Foe Men, Snake Face, Karatti, and Octavia $260.99
    DC Club Freddy Freeman, Phantom Stranger, Larfleeze Bundle Set $65.00

    - - - Updated - - -

    We are sold out of DCU Fire. Offered in a bundle set now is DCU Huntress and Freedy Freeman. Phantom Stranger or Larfleeze can replace him if you choose. Let us know in an email after you place your order to reserve Huntress (1 left).

    We know a lot of people may want to take another look at all of our Masters Of The Universe Classics offerings!! There are a lot of great deals here and we appreciate all the feedback and support.

    The Toy Hype USA Staff.

    - - - Updated - - -

    New bundle set - MOTUC Castaspella and Netossa for $62 with 1/2 off shipping

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    Great offerings, just ordered a FFM set, cool!
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    Yes, we got that order and emailed you about it being sent out on Tuesday due to the PO being closed until then. Thank you for your order! We appreciate any referrals once you receive your figure.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Just a final reminder that the sale 50% off shipping sale ends today. We are having such a huge success with this and want to thank everyone for their interest. Also we just sold out of DCU Huntress pre-orders.

    Do you want Clamp Champ? Castaspella? NA He-Man? Snake Face? Check out our offerings and save on shipping as well as additional savings on bundle sets!

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