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    The Halloween 2013 thread

    I don't know about you, but for me the Halloween season pretty much begins in late august, so it's taken great restraint to hold back on posting this thread until September. Anywas, woohoo! Halloween's coming! Candy! Scary movies! Costumes! Leaves! Cider! Pumpkins!!

    To help celebrate, I'm making sure to add lots of creepy blogposts to thepicreview from now until Halloween! Scary movie reviews, spooky toy reviews, decoration reviews, Halloween nostaliga: it's 2 full months of hokey Halloween horror!

    So, what're everyone's favorite Halloween goodies? I just saw the pumpkin cakes out at the store the other day. I want to pick up a box because they're awesome, but I rarely finish them.
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    I love Halloween as well.

    Don't usually celebrate Halloween season until October, but I like the candy corn and those candy pumpkins when it hits October. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Kit Kats rule too. My wife likes getting pumpkin spice lattes from the various coffee venues.

    We have lots of kids in our neighborhood, so I get a ton of bagged candy for the Trick or Treaters weeks before Halloween.

    My wife and I usually hold off on scary movies until October. So it's a treat to watch those films then. In the last few years, I've really gotten into the British Hammer Horror films.

    And of course classic American monster films like "Monster Squad". Halloween TV specials (Charlie Brown, Garfield, etc...) and the best of the best, the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror.

    My favorite Halloween related film of all is "The Worst Witch". I watched it with my sister growing up, and rediscovered it a few years ago on DVD. Nothing like Tim Curry's music video in that film. It's totally hokey, but I love it.

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    I love it and look forward to it - that weekend, actually - 10/30 is my wedding anniversary. I stock up on scary books from the library and scary movies on Netflix.

    However - lately it's been rough...three years ago, my mom died in October. Two years ago, we had that freak blizzard that knocked out power for a few days, which no one was prepared for...and then last year, Superstorm Sandy knocked us for a loop so we had no power (or heat, gas, and in some cases, food) for a week. (Though we improvised...last year I read Dracula aloud by candlelight on Halloween, and we did Frankenstein the year before that!)

    So the kids around here haven't been able to trick or treat properly in two years, and I (personally) haven't really been able to enjoy Halloween at all for years. I'm really hoping this year is a turn for the better - I'm looking forward to it, anyway!
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    Halloween is one of my favorite times of year as well! The candy! The chill in the air! The scary movies! The CANDY!

    I have a number of traditions with my family and friends. We usually have a game night/scary movie night. I have Halloween versions of Uno, Jenga, Operation (Nightmare before Xmas), and of course, the Ouija Board!

    We usually watch the some of the same movies as well. They usually include Trick r Treat (A movie that really should've made it's way into theatres!), Halloween 1 and 3 (3 is just b/c it's such a weird departure from the rest of the series), Sleepy Hollow, and Hocus pocus. We will sometimes watch Halloween episodes of our favorite shows and cartoons from the past, including Buffy, Scooby Doo, Roseanne, and Charlie Brown.

    We usually manage to go to at least two local haunted attractions. Since we live near PA, we've been to places like Jason's Woods, Field of Screams, and even gone to Eastern State Peneitentary in Philly for their haunted attraction. (It's a must see if you have a chance. Very very cool!). Last year we went to Busch Gardens for their haunts in October, which was really fun. Much of the park is covered in fog after dark, which is incredible when you think about how many fog machines that must take! They also have roaming bands of zombies and werewolves, which was a lot of fun.

    A couple years ago I went Salem, Ma for Halloween. It was cool, but it was really bad weather, and there was actually snow I did get to check out some of the Witch museum and see some mock witch trials. I'd love to go back sometime!
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    Add me to the list of people who LOVE Halloween!

    I used to dress up but I dont think I will now cause I like handmade costumes n' I'm trying to save some cash.

    I love all thinks Pumpkin though. Cake, cheesecake, muffins, cookies. YUMMMM!!
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    LOVE Halloween! My favorite time of the YEAR! I do a yard haunted house, scary movies, haunted houses attractions, pumpkin ale, cooler crisp weather, and this year the exciting returning of Frute Brute and Yummy Mummy monster cereals!
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