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Thread: Skeldon - A new threat after Skeletor

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    Skeldon - A new threat after Skeletor

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    Bio - Real Name Damian

    Fifty years after He-Man's great defeat over Skeletor, Damian grew up on stories of massive battles between He-Man and Skeletor. He became obsessed with Skeletor's
    rise and fall and felt that Keldor should have been the true King of Eternia, but due to his race he was push out. After a few years passed he decided to travel to Trolla to see where Skeletor's last stand was. Damian thought he dig and look around and found the skull of Skeletor, he also found his beat up sword. Upon bringing these items back home to Eternia, the skull of Skeletor started to take control of Damian and control his thoughts. So Damian was compelled to turn the skull into a mask and once he put it on, Damian was no more. Skeletor's power merged with Damian, like Demo-Man to Keldor. So Skeldon needed one more item to complete the transformation, so he went to Zalesia and took out The Faceless One and gained control the Havoc staff.

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    Not a bad custom! Not sure, however, we are allowed to presume Skeletor is "dead" (ok, he hs not been properly alive since he merged with demo man, point taken). I dont have king he man's bio at hand but when talking of his defeat, though stated as clearly definitive, the word "death" is expertly avoided. In a continuity where people get torn in half by gorillas, the "good guys" light heartedly commint genocide and heroes and villains drop dead like leaves in autumn, I believe this is pretty telling. I'm going off topic though, so, back to uour custom: very well done. Would you consider paint the skull to be more skeletor-like?

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    I like the bio and can totally see this happening as in a continuity to the story people already know as for the custom I second that the skull skull be more rotting skeletor in appearance Some different knick nacks will help with his appearance

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    any inconsistencies with Mattel canon can be resolved with the following: Spector fixed the main timeline to erase this event; in doing so he created an alternate timeline where THIS happens.
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