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Thread: Which New Adv.figure/vehicle/playset was/is the hardest for you to complete?

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    Which New Adv.figure/vehicle/playset was/is the hardest for you to complete?

    For me is was Kayo.Had a hard time finding his acc.!Vehicle was Bolajet.Playset was Nordor.
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    For me it was Missile Armor Flipshot, Too-Tall Hoove, and Hook 'Em Flogg. I never saw them for sale on the US ebay, so I had to go to other country's ebay sites to find them.
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    I'm still looking for Nordor and Starship Eternia for not over-the-moon prices.

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    I bought a NA lot on ebay months ago that included 19 figures with all of their accessories. It had most figures from wave 1-3 no wave 4 figures. So I'm having trouble finding 3 to round out all of them but wave 4. Staghorn, flipshot, and Artilla. I just ordered Staghorn. It is not too hard find them just finding a suitable price.

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