Hey Everyone,

I have the following MH dolls all loose and complete and some with their original boxes. Iím an adult collector and am letting some of these go due to space issues.

If you purchase multiple and want me to toss the box and just ship the dolls and their accessories, Iím cool with doing that too. Shipping is based on the weight and size of the box to your location and not based on how many items you purchase.

1) Frankie complete with box - $14
2) Clawdeen complete with box - $14
3) Draculaura complete with box - $7
4) Abbey complete with box - $7
5) Lagoona & Cleo complete with box - $28
6) Ghoulia complete with box - $7
7) Deuce Gorgon MIB - $16

Dance Class:
1) Lagoona complete No box- $6
2) Operetta complete No box - $6
3) Howleen complete with box - $10
4) Rochelle complete No box - $15

Skull Shores:
1) Ghoulia complete with box - $7
2) Abbey complete with box - $7
3) Lagoona complete with box - $7

Miscellaneous Lines:
1) Ghoulís Night out Rochelle complete with all clothes, shoes, icoffin and bag, no stand or box - $10
2) Swim Class Lagoona complete with box - $8
3) Schoolís out Lagoona 2.0 complete with box - $14
4) Picture Day Abbey complete with box - $10
5) Dead Tired Abbey - $8
6) Clawdeen from the Target werewolf sisters pack complete with clothes and shoes No box - $6
7) Operettaís fashion loose and complete - $10
8) Draculaura from the Music Festival 2-pack complete with all accessories/clothes and shoes No box or stand - $10
9) Abbey from the classroom 2-pack with Heath complete with all accessories specific to Abbey, clothes and shoes No box or stand - $10

I do ship both within the US and internationally and can ship using USPS Priority for both or first class as well. I do recommend insurance, but thatís ultimately up to the seller. I also have pictures of everything upon request.

Thanks for lookin'!