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Thread: You are leaving the org !

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    You are leaving the org !

    This message, every time we click an hyperlink to somewhere outside the site, isn't it a little bit excessive? Especially when it's necessary to open several links.

    I mean, how many times has malicious links or other inappropriate stuff has been posted here that triggered the need to enable such safety measure?

    I'm attaching a poll to this just to see if this only "bothers" me, or if there's anyone else out there

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    Highly annoying. Should at least have the option of disabling it. Let me see your source code, I'll do it for you.

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    It's not going any where. sorry to anyone who doesn't like it.

    This link helps protect the Org so it's not associated with outward-bound content. It also allowed us to remove the embedded youtube link and not worry about linking to certain material.

    Folks can now link to R-rated content for discussion. The only thing not permitted now is a link to X-Rated material (sexual and violent) or any illegal material (file sharing, illegal downloads, child porn, etc).

    We won't be able to add a feature to disable it.

    Besides, it's just one extra click. Thanks for your cooperation and understanding!

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