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Thread: 200X head pack - Power Con reveal- What do you want to see?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hosed Ovor View Post
    I almost hate to see a 200X Roboto head in a head pack since I would rather see a new Roboto figure.
    Me too. Might as well get an upgraded WMD Roboto figure, which is plausible because he could download into different bodies when needed.

    Teela is another one...we'd need a teen Teela buck, but I could see if fans want to use the 200X head as an adult Teela with the Teen Teela hair.

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    Buzz Off

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    Clamp Champ
    The faceless one (More like the cartoon)
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    Quote Originally Posted by MegaGearMax View Post
    Me too. Might as well get an upgraded WMD Roboto figure, which is plausible because he could download into different bodies when needed.
    Gotta get behind that idea too; the extra head just wouldn't have the same punch without a new figure.
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    Helmetless Duncan
    King Hisss
    Snout Spout
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    Thought about it a bit more and the definites for me are:

    Clawful- This head will make that figure perfect, I love the Kevin Kosse version but I can't wait to see the Four Horsemen version!

    Buzz-Off- Another 200X design that will make this figure even more polished, and less of a dorky expression that we have now

    Leech- based off the Staction this will make Leech incredibly fierce looking

    Sy-Klone- A more angular 200X face and new helmet will easily replace blue He-man faced vintage cloned head.

    These are a couple that I want but not as much as the previous 4:

    Rattlor- A 200X head to compliment the 200X armor, This head would make the General a reality

    Grizzlor- It's been sculpted but I don't mind the 1st head at all, but this is probably coming

    Man At Arms (Unhelmeted)- Just another great display option that will be awesome

    Hordak- Love the 200X design, but the MOTUC head is already incredible

    Roboto- A 200X look would be sweet, but a new 200X version would be amazing

    Heads I'm pretty indifferent about:

    Snout Spout- The 200X design is great, but Snout Spout isn't one I care a lot about

    He-Man- I'm not necessarily in need of a new head for He-Man, but if we get it it will probably be sweet

    Skeletor- same as He-Man

    Heads that really need a new figure:

    King Hssss- The Head wouldn't be enough as he needs a whole new look and an updated Snake version would make it even better

    Teela- She really needs more than just a head too, a smaller buck and new outfit

    Quote Originally Posted by JerseyManiac! View Post
    I'm a huge 200x fan....but wouldn't even consider buying this pack. The whole appeal of 200x is the differences in scale. A Clawful head would look as stupid on the classic body as Whiplash's does.

    I suppose I appreciate the thought, but like others have said....most of these would need all new figures.
    I'm really glad this may be a possiblity and Whiplash doesn't look right with the vintage inspired head on it to me? I'm just used to the more reptilian look from 200X than the goblin/orc look.

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    Great news, but I hope we don't get carbon copies of either the 200x sculpts or the MYP models. Instead, I'd infinitely prefer if we got MODERN heads, more in the vein of Moss Man's updated head. I still want them to fit the line.

    My picks would fall into different groups:

    • Spikor
    • Leech
    • Fang Man
    • Snout Spout

    • Clawful
    • Trap-Jaw
    • Faker
    • Rattlor
    • Snake Face
    • Grizzlor
    • Hordak

    • Teela
    • He-Man (especially not MYP model or 200x figure!)
    • Sy-Klone
    • Helmetless Duncan
    • Buzz-Off
    • Roboto

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    - Faceless One re-do
    - Roboto
    - Keldor meltyface

    All else is gravy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Weasel View Post
    I'd rather have a filmation head pack.
    As would I....or why can't it be a non-specific head pack? Then we can get some from both!
    My feedback:

    Awesome Traders List:

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    This is a bit of a weird one. I think a head pack including all forms of MOTU would have been better instead of just 200X.

    Based on 6 pack:

    Jitsu (Staction version - could be the "Ruler of Snake Mountain Jitsu" head)
    Grizzlor (it's already done)
    Teela (longer ponytail and young face)
    Evil-Lyn (younger version with crown as seen in "Price of Deceit")
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lay Ze-Man View Post
    Great news, but I hope we don't get carbon copies of either the 200x sculpts or the MYP models. Instead, I'd infinitely prefer if we got MODERN heads, more in the vein of Moss Man's updated head. I still want them to fit the line.
    According to the subject of the thread you missed the point just slightly.
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    I dislike the idea to be honest, but there are a few heads I wouldn't mind having.

    RATTLOR first and foremost.
    Unhelmeted MAA
    Clamp Champ, basically his vintage head with the headset. B/c Clamp Champ is very boring.

    I would be interested to see Grizzlor's and Buzz Off's. I don't need them, but they would be cool to see.
    Absolutely no interest at all in any others that I can think of. I'd rather see a head-pack be mixed. ie: I'd like closed-mouth heads for Leech and Kobra Khan, but they don't need to be 200x. Just vintage styled, but closed.

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    Man At Arms (Unhelmeted) - I think this one is almost guaranteed
    Hordak - mostly because I need a spare Hordak head to put on a Horde trooper
    Keldor (melting face)

    While I'd like Teela I think she needs a new 'teenage' body to go with it.

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    MAA - un-helmeted with ponytail

    Hordak - I'd aim to use this one on Horde Prime rather than the seemingly unfinished red head we got

    Clawful & Roboto - I've got Kevin Kosse's 200X versions and they are amazing on the figs.


    Keldor melty face

    Grizzlor face plate - we've seen it before and its likely sculpted

    Jitsu - possessed red eyed station version

    Leech - station version

    Snout Spout - solid trunk and menacing rather than the sad elephant we got.

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    These are the ones that stick out to me and would justify buying additional figures to put out new versions.

    - Snout Spout (One head in PoP and one head in Motu)
    - Roboto (One in Motu and one in NA)
    - Buzz Off (One in Preternia and one in Motu)
    - Clawful (One in Keldor's group and one in Motu)

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    i dont see the point in this..

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    Snout spout and Roboto
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    these heads are useless without new bodys and gear to match.

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    Snake Face for sure! If they could replicate that Neca Staction face would be totally awesome.

    Leech, General Rattlor and Clawful would also be fantastic additions

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    For me, priorities would be:

    1. Clawful
    - We all know why.

    2. Buzz-Off
    - Again, this one is sorely needed.

    3. Man-At-Arms (no helmet / ponytail)
    - The stock MYP version of Duncan is complete, thanks to the Snake MAA figure, all that's needed to put the exclamation point on the character is an unhelmeted head.

    4. Grizzlor
    - It's a different design and style, and most importantly, it's already sculpted.

    5. Leech
    - This head would make Leech look more "leech-like", and less like a fang-monster.

    If all of these make it into the pack, I'd be ecstatic!

    Beyond that though, some personal suggestions would be:

    Skeletor (toy version)
    - The MYP cartoon head would be more suited to a whole new figure variant, but the toy head would work on the Classics body.

    Snake Mekanek
    - Completes a potential variant without a full figure slot being wasted.

    ...and as much as I can see the logic in doing a Snout Spout head to replace the rotting ones that we have, I would suggest not, as that head (much like a MYP cartoon Skeletor head) belongs on a whole new variant figure.
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    I'm not interested in this 200X pack for my personal collection.

    However, if they did give us a more proportioned and less-200X styled heads for Jitsu, Marzo, Carnivus, I would like those.
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    Quote Originally Posted by unclassified View Post
    i dont see the point in this..
    Quote Originally Posted by unclassified View Post
    these heads are useless without new bodys and gear to match.
    Not to the fans who are going to REPLACE the Vintage heads with these heads.

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    Man-At-Arms (with pony tail)
    King Hssss

    Plus Snout Spout, Spikor and Rattlor.
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    OMG OMG OMG! I can't believe it! They're un-retiring 200X heads?!? It's like, "WHAAAAT?!"


    Here we go...

    Snout Spout - Number one on the list! NO BENDY TRUNK PLEASE.
    Leech - Needed. Most needed. Just lop off the staction head, scale it to fit and slap it into the pack and I'll be happy.
    King Hsss - Just needs that venomous scowl and baleful red eyes.
    Roboto - I much prefer the streamlined look over the cowcatcher.
    Clawful - No more muppet head! Yay!
    Buzz-Off - Balloon head make me sad. :[
    Snake Face - More snakey, less dorky helmet. Less of Munch's "The Scream", more "screaming in terror". Staction head would be dandy.
    Grizzlor - That's a given, considering it's sculpted already.
    Mosquitor - I liked the meaner, streamlined look of the staction. The Classics one is very unbalanced and the eyes too close together.
    Teela - DAT PONYTAIL. How I miss that lustrous, luxurious ponytail. I'm a sucker for girls with long hair, I guess.
    Jitsu - DAT PONYTAIL. Also, demon eyes and Ra's Al Ghul 'stache. Apparently I'm also a sucker for dudes with long hair...
    Tri-Klops - Needs the round, coloured lenses and slimmer visor.
    Mekaneck - Yeah, just... More 200X-y. Smoother and less angular, green goggles. Helmet sitting right on his head.
    Faceless One - Seems an odd request, given it'd just be a faceless head, but isn't that what he's supposed to have in the first place?

    Nice to Haves:
    Man-at-Arms - Unhelmeted
    Orko - Can we lose the dorky hat and face cumberband in favour of the 200X scarf-kerchief and stylin' hat? Maybe attach the pendant too.
    Sy-Klone - He'd spin right round for a new non-buckety helmet, I guarantee you that.
    King Randor - Non-Burger King.
    Rattlor - MYP-styled.
    Clamp Champ - With his earpiece
    Queen Marlena - Fix the eeeeeeyes! The eeeeeeeyes!
    Shadow Beast - Needs an MYP style head. Are beast heads even an option? I dunno, but I'm pushing my luck here! I'll even buy another Shadow Beast! How's that?

    Needs a Meaner Look In General:
    Trap-Jaw - Give him his teefs back! Slimmer lower jaw, no bushy eyebrows, lol.
    Two-Bad - Both heads.
    Battleground Evil-Lyn - Spiked headdress with the dangly earring thingies.
    Skeletor - Baggy hood and fangs rule!
    Hordak - Just needs to be MEANER. I fell in love with the 200X version. It was just so EVIL.
    Beast Man - Was never a fan of that honker of a nose on the Classics figure and like the cream-coloured face instead of the white.

    Bonus/For Fun Heads:
    Keldor - Melty face!
    Faker - Battle-damaged!
    Sir Laser Lot - Unmasked! I know it's not 200X, but i thought I'd throw it in here. Low priority. XD

    Aaaaand, I'm spent...

    Also, THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU! Please make this a thing.
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