This is something I would really like to see as a mini sub and I want to know what the rest of the Org thinks. Would you want something like this?

Here would be the deal:
Mini subscription with a total of 8 figures representing All-Stars from all 4 animated series.
No variants and all 8 would be never before released characters.
We're told in advance that the characters selected will be evenly divided so there will exactly 2 figures from each of the 4 animated series (Filmation MOTU, Filmation POP, Jetlag and MYP).

Sample line up could be something like this (these choices are just examples-so don't get hung up on them as specifics):
1. Lizard Man (Filmation MOTU)
2. Lord Masque (Filmation MOTU)
3. Madame Razz (Filmation POP)
4. Vultak (Filmation POP)
5. Crita (Jetlag)
6. Master Serbian (Jetlag)
7. Evil Seed (MYP)
8. Veena (MYP)