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  • I can tell the difference, and I HATE how the final toys turned out.

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Thread: Leotards in Classics. Do you like how they turn out?

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    Leotards in Classics. Do you like how they turn out?

    If it isn't obvious, the ladies are displayed in this order,

    The issue of how the Leotards on the ladies in classics have turned out has been an ongoing issue since Adora. This poll is to ask what you think of the situation so far. Many people seem to have differing opinions. What do you think? I think if this guy from an ebay auction can do it, mattel should also probably be able to handle it.
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    While they could be better, it's an insignificant thing to constantly complain about in my opinion. I consider myself SOMEWHAT of a hardcore PoP fan but mostly form the Filmation cartoon side of things. I love She-Ra Princess of Power. I only had 4 or 5 vintage dolls though. Still love em! Screw the hate-ors.
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    I'm OK with it on Shokoti and Octavia, but with Glimmer it's blasphemous.
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    I hate the idea of them being leotards in the first place. I much prefer them as pointed skirts/dresses.
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    Can't do general rule, case by case. For Shokoti and Octavia it works. Glimmer has pants over her legs, so perhaps there it could be different more pants/leotard end like shape. Everyone had pants/Leotard in Filmation because they wanted cut animation corners there... I do not necessarily want to everything be carbon copy of Filmation.

    Tallstar version is not used anymore, is it? It did not sit right.

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    I can clearly see the difference between the prototype leotards and the weird looking skirt "things" they actual figures are wearing.

    I hope Glimmer gets an 11th hour correction thanks to POWER CON and that from now on MATTEL design sticks close to what the FOUR HORSEMEN design in the first place.
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    Quote Originally Posted by swind15 View Post
    I'm OK with it on Shokoti and Octavia, but with Glimmer it's blasphemous.
    Took the words right out of my mouth- I know earlier leotards like Tallstar did not impress, but lots of the male figures came out just fine with leotard/ trunks as a feature.

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    The picture you posted should be the one sent to Scott and Ruben on the Matty forms. I am not okay with the final product, it changes the entire body form/sculpt. Plus it Glimmer's case it kind of gives the illusion of a manly bulge, which is horrendus on a female figure. The pointy pizza slice looking thing on Octavia is just as bad.

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    It drives me crazy. Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad if the prototypes weren't so awesome and gave me false hope with a proper depiction of the character. I actually pose the Sword of Protection in front of Adora's crotch to hide her diaper.

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    Honestly, this doesn't bother me at all. Octavia, Glimmer...nothing wrong as far as I'm concerned. Now, if they "fix" it, that's great. There will always be another issue to fret over.
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    I can tell the difference and I really don't care...
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    I feel like op is almost forcing an opinion by the way the poll is phrased, but I chose I can tell, but I'm ok.

    Whereas I couldnt argue that there isnt a big difference between some prototypes & the final product, and it is strange that their seems to be an issue with why...

    I like the skirts. They're skirts. I actually prefer skirts to leotards, at least inasmuch as the POP ladies are concerned.

    Now, I feel that the issue with Tallstar's crotch piece, since it isnt a skirt but a poorly executed leotard crotch piece is a different situation. Frankly I would have rather had a skirt on Tallstar than the leotard since teh execution wasn't so great.

    So in her case yes, I agree with what's being said or implied here. Though it isnt a huge deal to me anyway, but she looks better with the prototype than what we eventually got.

    But people who keep calling "Skirts" "Grannypanties"? Nah, I do see that. I could see that if they were supposed to be leotards. And I dont mean originally were. I mean if those skirts were executed and said to be leotards, then no, clearly they are skirts and that is weird.

    But they look like skirts, and while different than the original concept, I prefer. But I feel most people seem to think they are supposed to be leotards, or wanted leotards. If you want those, cool, I get it, and no you didnt get that.

    But if you think that Mattel is trying to imply that these ladies are wearing leotards, no you are incorrect. I am pretty certain that they have called them skirts in the past, starting with Adora.

    And I like the skirts. I dont like bad leotards, like with Tallstar, but it's minimal importantce to me and not even that bad anyway.

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