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  • I can tell the difference, and I HATE how the final toys turned out.

    79 53.38%
  • I can tell the difference, and I don't mind or I like how the final toys tuned out.

    64 43.24%
  • I can't tell the difference between the prototypes and the final toys.

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Thread: Leotards in Classics. Do you like how they turn out?

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    I can definitely tell the difference... (prototypes look pretty awesome.) And it bugs me a bit, but honestly, I am just so stoked that we are getting these figures in the first place. I have loved Glimmer since I was eight years old, and now I actually get to have an IN-SCALE figure to proudly stand alongside the Masters!
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    I'm not a fan of how the leotards look on the final, production figures. If I had to choose between the "production" leotard and a sculpted skirt similar to BP She-Ra, Castaspella or Netossa, then I would choose the skirt even if it wasn't completely faithful to the Filmation design.

    However, I still don't understand why Mattel can make perfectly functional and aesthetically pleasing Y-fronts for male figures (e.g. Bow), but can't seem to apply the same sculpting/design/technology/whatever to the female figures. It doesn't make sense when the exact same approach should be taken, but simply on the smaller, female buck.

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    I can tell the difference, and I don't mind or I like how the final toys tuned out.
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    The toys look ok, but being somewhat of a customiser and in the sfx for movies business, I know my plastics and moulding tech, and processes,
    And I don't care weather Scott is pulling the wool over our eyes, or design over his,
    I just don't buy Mattels excuses for the lady's skirt/ pants issue, as its been proved possible over and over with the male figures, who all have waist turns,
    Now for me I'm not much of a pop fan, but I do appreciate the work the horsemen put in to there Protos and that pop fans should get awesome figures,

    IMHO I think the ( er-hemm) lady's crotches need a re design, the female wrestlers figures with the cuts at the top of there thighs are a great example of how they can be do well

    Just my two cents

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    Quote Originally Posted by Queen Grayskull View Post
    I can tell the difference, and I don't mind or I like how the final toys tuned out.
    im in the same boat... they all look fine to me..
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