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Thread: Custom MOTUC Keltra, Daughter of Skeletor!

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    Custom MOTUC Keltra, Daughter of Skeletor!

    Here's a cool custom project that my friend Ren-Ra recently did for me: A custom MOTUC figure of our created character, Keltra, the Daughter of Skeletor! Here are the base illustrations of her...

    And here's the custom MOTUC figure!

    Keltra was kitbashed out of a Battleground Evil Lyn and Starla figure with some modifications, like the articulated clawed demon feet and custom sculpting. It was cool to see Keltra in Ren-Ra's display, alongside a Filmation Hordak that she also made!

    I hope you liked this custom figure and thanks for looking!
    "Snake Mountain is a place of power and sorcery...and you've squandered it!" - Keltra

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    nice character and really amazing custom.

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    I would love to have that head to finish my MOTUC Keltra! I have had one in the making since I saw the drawings and story behind the character and also used a BG Evil-Lyn as the base. Never could get the hair right, though. I went with the more detailed bones on the tunic and booted feet.
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    Hey, man! I apologize that during our recent communication that I didn't note that when you were talking about this custom, that it already existed and had a thread up... with pics! As usual, any Keltra, is good Keltra! (And I like the feet you went with too!) Rock on!
    (Kudos to Ren-Ra and her work, as well!)
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    Really cool and good work!

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    Holy smokes! She's just gorgeous. I love it.

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    looks great, but those feet...
    a small size custom
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    Nice work she looks good

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