I have a 2014 subscription, but for space & budget reasons, I will only keep the vintage MOTU remakes (Two-Bad, Extendar, etc). Any figure from the She-Ra, Princess of Power, New Adventures, MYP 200X series or based off a concept/unrealeased figure, has got to go! If anybody's interested in getting any of these (and any future non-vintage figures) and doesn't want to deal with Matty's day off sales (if there are any), please shoot me a PM.

So far I know I'll be selling:
Glimmer (Feb)
Hydron (March)
Blade (April)
Scorpia (May)
Battle Lion (May beast)
Huntara (late 2014)

*I'm asking cost to me ($37 for regular figures) plus shipping to you for all items.

*I'll ship internationally.

*I'll ship the figure(s) to you the day after I get it. I'm in central Illinois & figures usually arrive 1-2 days after the monthly sale date.

I hope I can help out somebody who collects the non-vintage MOTU lines but doesn't want to subscribe or deal with day of sales, or an international fan who can't get subscription figures easily.