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Thread: He-man new adventures

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    He-man new adventures

    Hi my friends,
    since the 4HM are working on the New Adventures line in a MOTUC way, i've started to imagine a MOTU version of this characters.
    So i've started creating New Adventures He-Man, using MOTUC head and spare parts, and mixing together with Green Stuff and Magic Sculp.
    The head will be fixed with my Snap-On joint. Thnx to my friend Max"Orsogranito" that gives me his Spy Monkey Sword.
    Comments are welcome.

    an interesting idea could be to put the icarius head on the right character.

    my Snap-On joint.
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    Looking amazing, man! I am loving mixing MOTUC parts with vintage...with modifications and "dumbed down paintjobs", the end product looks authentic! Your work here is perfect.
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    These are awesome!
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