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Thread: 9 vintage original character customs for your viewing pleasure.

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    9 vintage original character customs for your viewing pleasure.


    Armor serves as the heavy weapons specialist as part of the Eternia Elite Guards.


    The most cunning of the Snake Men, Charmor is able to hyponotize foes with his sparkling personality into revealing their secrets.


    Dawg combines his brute strength and ferocious loyalty to aid the Masters in defending the universe.

    Fright Zone Demon

    The Fright Zone Demon maintains the horrors of the Hordes playground.


    From the depths of the fiery catacombs of Despondos Hellion emerges to aid Skeletor in the pursuit of evil domination.

    Who is this new Snake Man who is interested in the battle plans of King Hisss?

    Mamba Unmasked (He-man Snake Men spy)

    He-man cleverly disguises himself as a loyal Snake Men in order to gain access to the plans of King Hisss.


    Mek-anek was just the beginning of what can be done to modify soldiers wonded in wars.


    This unidentified living being serves Mass-Stars plans or galaxy dominance. (Who is Mass-Star? Wait and see!)

    Vew Du

    Where does Skeletor go when his evil magic isnt enough? To the swamps on the outer edge of Eternia where Vew Du shares his dark secrets.

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    Nice work man. I like the Fright Zone demon and Hellion the best myself.
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    That FZ Demon is awesome! Great job on all of them but that demon is my #1!
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    Some very cool ideas in there! Really like the Snake Spy He-Man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by masterenglish View Post
    Some very cool ideas in there! Really like the Snake Spy He-Man.
    Also realy liking Ulb! He's a mash of the Fraggles and Motu to me and I love it!

    Also like the Zoar bomb on Armor and I can see in your customs your not afraid to cut stuff up wich is always a good thing in my book when making customs.
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    MORE vintage goodness! Love the idea of HeMan in disguise, including a removeable mask! NICE!

    I love that you are the second person that converted a Leech into a dog (I'm the other person I know that did that, lol, named DOBER-MAN). GREAT JOB!

    the HEAVY WEAPONS SPECIALIST is my favorite! He looks nice. May I suggest a light coat of Semi-Gloss coat on him? Or lightly spray glosscoat on him? He looks great!
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    Thank you all for your kind words.

    Tyke - D'awg was inspired by Dober-man. I kept going back to it to make sure it was different enough that it didn't look like a complete copy.
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    Cool customs.
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    Nice work. Love vintage customs.....

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