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Thread: Would You like if Classics Continued on 12 inch scale?

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    Heroic Warrior Carlaird's Avatar
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    Would You like if Classics Continued on 12 inch scale?

    Would You like if Classics Continued after 2015 on 12 inch scale?
    Not sure if Matty would do this or if they would just hand the license over to Hot Toys
    But to me. It seems like the next logical step
    and Hot Toys would make an AWESOME EXTRA Muscular body!
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    Heroic Warrior
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    I just want the classics, mang

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    Heroic Warrior Durendal's Avatar
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    This is one of the worst ideas I've seen on this forum.

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    Heroic Warrior evenflow's Avatar
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    I said yes for Hot Toys, but want it in addition to MOTUC.
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    Princess of the 80's Princess_Adora's Avatar
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    No I would wouldn't have anywhere to put them if they were that large. I'm having a hard enough time with the current ones
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    Heroic Warrior BadVermin's Avatar
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    I would want them sculpted by the 4HM, but even still, I'd only buy one or two figures at that scale due to the higher price and space needed for display.
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    Awesome Warrior Alexx's Avatar
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    WHOA-HO, no way buddy. I'd totally buy into a smaller line, but certainly not bigger.
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    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Arkangel's Avatar
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    space is already a big issue right now with 6 inch figures i would need to rent an extra house just to store masters

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    Got Filmation? shadowfall1976's Avatar
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    A Damn Mitten....
    I don't want a 12" line, 7" MOTUC are just fine.
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    Assimilate, or else!! krosfyah's Avatar
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    i'd have no place for them and could never afford to collect the way I like to with MOTU, but I would drool over hot toys quality MOTU stuff and would buy select few - hopefully the movie designs are so good hot toys will license a few key characters
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    Heroic Warrior
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    I say if you want a 12" scale customize them yourself! This MOTUC toyline is a pain in the ass for a lot of people, shipping etc! 12" is a marriage wrecker!

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    Heroic Warrior swind15's Avatar
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    If it's from Matty it could never be affordable. I voted, no.
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    Heroic Warrior
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    Hell i am single and i getting point where i am stopping on sideshow figures

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    Heroic Daddy to Hermione! Uki's Avatar
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    Nope, but I'll take a few more years of this! Bring it all on-Meteorbs, Songster, '87 movie rights (I need Julie, Kevin, and Lubic!), all of it!
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    Heroic Warrior Hosed Ovor's Avatar
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    12" figures just wouldn't seem like MOTU to me. I think the current buck is absolutely perfect. I have zero interest in a MOTU line in a different scale.

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    Heroic Warrior Ibentmyman-thing's Avatar
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    Hot Toys MotU? 12 inch Hot Toys detailed Trap Jaw? Oh, I get it, you don't want me to eat anymore. Fine, fine, but the hunger bloating will be on your head!

    Well, not literally on your head as that would be awkward, but on your conscience. Meanwhile I'd be living in my house made of Hot Toys MotU boxes. And I'd be hungry.
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    Heroic Warrior
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    We've seen Mattel make 12" MOTUC figures with the giants, and their articulation is notably lacking. So either we'd be getting some incredibly underwhelming figures, or we'd be paying, what, $60 per figure? Maybe more?

    Sure, I might be interested in picking up a He-Man and a Skeletor, just for the novelty of it (I've got the 14" Mezco Mumm-Ra, after all, which is very cool for what it is, but also has a lot of limitations), and I will say, there is something very cool about the idea of an enormous Battle Cat on the shelf, but overall, I don't think a MOTU line at that scale would be very sustainable. Even if you went the Hot Toys route, you'd get what, 2-3 releases per year at $250 each? I don't think too many people are up for that.

    If they released a 4" line, I'd be interested in that, because I have a lot of Marvel Universe and Star Wars figures (and the new DC Direct 3-3/4" guys are pretty cool, if small). I'll also probably pick up some of the key figures of the Mini Masters if they keep releasing those. But 12" figures I tend to stay away from unless they're actually supposed to be giant characters (Voltron, Galactus, etc).

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    Heroic Warrior Agent-GHQ's Avatar
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    Hot Toys is the BEST in the market for 1/6 line, hands down so I'd say hells yeah! I'd rather have the 1/6 line than the current MOTUC 7"
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    Heroic Warrior Lich Leech's Avatar
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    I'd actually prefer if they scaled down to the size of the original figures, but I know most wouldn't like that

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    Heroic Warrior No-Ah's Avatar
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    I'd love to have a half-dozen Hot Toys MOTU figures. Keep it to He-Man, Skeletor, Teela, Man at Arms, Beast-Man, and Mer-Man and I'd be in! I would even accept Sideshow versions, but if Matty did it they would want about $1000 each, so no thanks!

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    Hollywood Warrior InspectorZartan's Avatar
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    I want to see the scale stay as is and keep going as is for a loooong time BUT if they were going to introduce a new scale for MOTU one day I'd say they should go smaller with a 3-3/4" similar to some of the bulkier figures in the Marvel Universe line. This would be a better price point, be a scale that could support vehicles, playsets and a diverse character selection, etc.

    Going bigger and to a 12" scale on the other hand would be too costly to support a full line and honestly less appealing on my shelf than either the current scale or the 3-3/4" scale. Now if you're talking about just a small number of Hot Toys quality figures I could see maybe a couple of main characters being wanted (for myself that would probably just mean He-Man, Skeletor, Orko, Battlecat, and maybe She-Ra and Hordak). But something to remember is that one of the cool things about Hot Toys is just how realistic they look, both in the face and in the bodies. Where as one of the signatures for Masters is that they are proportioned in an unrealistic way that doesn't match up with the natural world. This is part of the MOTU style, and something Hot Toys isn't known for.

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    Snappy Threader
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    I voted yes--only Hot Toys, but I couldnt afford them anyway, but for those friends like Eamon who love their Hot Toys...I would like for them to be able to get them.....

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    Heroic Warrior
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    I wouldnt like a full line but maybe a large He-Man or Skeletor ive always wanted

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    Heroic Wisconsinite JSteele's Avatar
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    I'd take a He-man and Skeletor version....wouldn't be able to afford nor have room for any more than that

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    Heroic Warrior SonOfHeMan's Avatar
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    I've never seen Hot Toys in person, but the concept doesn't rope me in. Sure, the face sculpts/paint jobs look amazing (at least in the posed online photos), butt I'm not into the 12" doll with real clothes thing. Not jut Hot Toys, but GI Joe, Ultimate Soldier, etc. never really did it for me. That being said, I do like Megator in the Classics line, so a 12" He-Man and Skeletor done in that style (maybe with more articulation) would be OK with me.

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