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Thread: The Unnamed One Revealed?!--27 Years Ago?

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    The Unnamed One Revealed?!--27 Years Ago?

    With the recently revived Power Tour thread, I watched some of the clips, and realized that we might have an answer to one of MotU's biggest mysteries staring us in the face from all those years ago.

    For those who aren't familiar with it, the "Unnamed One" was a mysterious being served by the Snake Men in the days of Preternia, mentioned only in The Powers of Grayskull: The Legend Begins! But in the Power Tour segment, it tells us that they were led by Hordak.

    The relevant portion starts at about the 3:30 mark.

    Now, I'd forgotten this portion almost completely, and with my memory jogged, I think I'd dismissed it as a 'mistake' like the kind you found in a lot of the licensed material. But watching it again, I'm not so sure. Penny Dreadful's posted story and character synopses from the Power Tour that come straight out of the 1987 Style Guide, suggesting that this was more controlled by Mattel than I'd thought. And I didn't recognize the wizards' staffs because we hadn't seen the He-Ro pictures--but don't they look awfully familiar now?

    So was the Unnamed One really Hordak all this time? We know that he was around in Preternia, and Mattel's material was really playing him up as the 'most evil being in the universe'. (This is decidedly not the case in the canons that include Horde Prime, such as Filmation, the UK comics, or Classics. )

    But what of the fact Hiss knew Hordak, and despised him? Well, there's a definite gap in the story between PoG 1 and "King of the Snake Men", so at some point, I suspect Hiss realized who his 'master' was--and I doubt Hordak's long-term plans had the good of the Snake Men in mind. Whether he was the 'fallen Elder' (one of the five ruling Wizards?) some have theorized who used the Snake Men in secret, a la Darth Sidious and the Clone Wars, or if he was using the Snake Men to prepare the way for the Horde's conquest . . . well, I don't think we have enough material. But I think we may have some key pieces to the puzzle.

    EDIT: Note that this theory does not apply to the Unnamed One being released next year in Classics. That continuity has, as mentioned above, gone in its own direction.
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    Cool find, nice work! Let the conspiracy theorists get cracking!

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    it's the free masons..

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    Fun find.

    I don't think it's a "mistake", but given how MOTU has so many contradicting canons its a cool tidbit that in this version they made Hordak be the big bad. Since Hordak was already retconned as Skeletor's master, its easy enough to have him be master to Snake Men and Hiss too on the same breath.

    Is this notion Mattel-approved? Very likely.

    Did Power Tour story-people know about what other department was doing with mini-comics?
    That's where I will venture to guess a big NO.

    So this isn't concrete evidence that in vintage the Unnamed One was meant to be Hordak. Or even hinted as being Hordak.

    They are not meant to be contradictory. But there most likely was not enough communication from different departments to have a coherent canon. Sure Mattel was aiming for it, but from what I gather the mini-comic guys had lot of freedom to do stuff for majority of the time. And if they started pulling strings together and make a story that was coherent, I applaud them specifically for that goal.
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    They might have eventually gone for Preternia Hordak...
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