I'm not going to have the cash for Grayskull. But instead of cancelling I thought I'd make a proposal. If someone with the extra cash would be willing to pay for my CG, I'll send you the Cost, plus Extra. And I don't mean ebay prices on the TF's, cheaper. more bang for your buck. I've got some masterpieces, various imports from the last years, cybertron, energon, armada, chug, a few third party, g1-the beast eras... the list goes on and on. We would have to come to an agreement on what they are worth but i'm not trying to make a buck here, just get that delicious castle. I know it's a ridiculous idea, but you don't know if you don't ask. Maybe you have an extra castle cause you wanted to get it made. If that's the case then I'll cancel mine and we could trade for that. Regardless, if you have money to burn and love Tf's PLEASE help me out.