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Thread: Need Help Finding "Rocks and Bugs and Things".

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    Need Help Finding "Rocks and Bugs and Things".

    I'm trying like crazy to pick up the Rocks and Bugs from "Rocks and Bugs and Things" to go with the sweet Mordles I picked up from Toyfinity. I'm sort of sick of being beaten on Ebay by $1 in the last 3 seconds, so I'm hoping for some luck on various boards.

    I'd PREFER to trade for them. I only have a small amount of "Masters" stuff I can part with, but if you're willing to be a bit creative I'm certainly willing to trade in your favor. I have lots of little bits of random toys, comics, Board Games, video game stuff, DVDs, random electronics and whathaveyou.

    I can also buy them too, assuming the price is reasonable.

    Any help is appreciated. I still need:

    Shriek Beak
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