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Thread: for sale -unfinished and abandoned 1:6 custom figure project

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    for sale -unfinished and abandoned 1:6 custom figure project

    Long story short, someone I hired to make custom clothing has run off on me, leaving me scammed out of about $50, and I'm not willing to sink more time and money into this figure. Therefore I'm taking the figure and selling it off to wash my hands of this project.

    Relevant pictures-

    $50 shipped for everything and don't ask for separate parts, I'm not messing with that. All or nothing-

    ZC Girl "Eve" body, tan skin tone- only includes the body itself, a single pair of short ankle cups, the long torso and open palm hands with NO wrist pegs, plus a basic white tube top and white panties

    Phicen tan gun hands with wrist pegs, black cuffs affixed to the wrists, plus a pair of brown pirate guns

    Rawhide Outfitters brown leather cowboy belt, plus brown pouch

    black skirt

    Triad "high times 2.0" boots, soles painted gold

    Cy Girls "Blaze" head, eyes repainted green

    pirate hat- modded Ignite Napoleon hat, turned backwards
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