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Thread: Marvel Knights Spider-Man ...with colors by yours truly!

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    Marvel Knights Spider-Man ...with colors by yours truly!

    I love all my comic work, but this one is a particular favorite. There's a lot of experimentation and hidden meaning in both the art and the colors, from subtle to bold. I really poured a lot into this comic. It's received a heap of praise and invoked some intense anger. I'm proud to be part of something that drums up that type of emotion.

    My apologies for bragging, but this is one I wanted to boast about for those who may be interested in what I do for a living. You can click here to check out a preview of it online at CBR.

    Has anyone checked it out? Did you like the issue? Hate it? I'm curious.

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    Just looking at the preview pages there, I think it's really cool! Very unique, indeed! Great work my friend!
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    Looking good.
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    I like it, but I'm probably not informed enough about comic books to articulate why. I like the juxtaposition of cold skin tone and warm backgrounds. I'm not a huge comic book reader though, so it's like a casual music fan discussing why they like song "X".

    Maybe you can give some of your philosophy behind the colors?
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    Looks great! You did a wonderful job! Thanks for sharing.
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    Didn't know about this.

    Just going by the preview.....

    That art(style) is quite different. It's like hallucinetic(eh. it's a word now) trip.

    As for the coloring, I think this art-style (new phrase) really really takes away from the coloring.

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    coloring looks fine, suits the look of the comic.

    The artwork itself...not really feeling it.


    finally bought it.

    The coloring was nice.

    I hated everything else. Hated the pencils. Hated the character design (Peter looked a lot like Matt Smith to me). Hated the story (what I could make of it). By the end of the comic I had no idea what was happening and what was worse...I didn't care. It didn't leave me wanting to know what happens next, quite the opposite in fact, I was glad I had finally finished it.

    sorry if I am sounding harsh but you did ask our opinions and mine is, apart from your coloring, it was a terrible comic.

    considering they did the parts I hated could you tell Matt Kindt and Marco Rudy I want two thirds of my money back?
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