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Thread: Stuck With Multiple FFM ????? Here I Am !!!!!!!!!

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    Stuck With Multiple FFM ????? Here I Am !!!!!!!!!

    Hey Guys !

    Are you multiple 2013 Club Eternia SUB Holder, stuck with multiple FFM (Fighting Foe Men) sets ? Do you want unload them for cheaper price ?? You Are looking At Me !!!

    I am actually looking for 5 FFM sets (for me & my friends) . I've actually heard that a MOC FFM set is selling between $35.00 to $40.00 mark. So if you ever want to unload them close to this range, feel free to PM me !!!



    EDIT :- Guys, I am poured with tons of single FFM offers with $50-60 range requests. While I can understand you are loosing money on this (sorry for that !), I also want you guys to know that the money value for the set is just isn't there !

    The "Current & Real" market value for this set is around $30.00 to $35.00 mark & $40.00 AT MAX.

    Recently sold FFM 3 packs on eBay should give you some idea (please checkout the link) :-

    Please note that these sellers would have paid eBay fees on top of this !

    I am no way taking advantage of this, but I am just going by its money value honestly !!

    UPDATE : 2 Sets Acquired ! Looking For 3 More !!
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