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Thread: Classics collection for sale

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    Classics collection for sale

    Due to personal resons, I'm having to let go of my small collection. I would like to sell as a lot, but I am open to selling singles. They are loose, but complete in like new condition unless otherwise noted. I need to sell them ASAP. I'm asking for $130 OBO for the lot. Indivedual prices will vary. Thanks.

    He-Man re issue (w/o half power sword)
    Thunder Punch He-Man (w comic)
    Mo Larr/ Skeletor
    Mo Larr/ Skeletor (MIB in white mailer box)
    Moss Man (unflocked)
    Orko/ Adam (normal)
    Demo Man (w Alcala Skeletor head)

    **Sale Pending**
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