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Thread: Defenders of Etheria- A New Ongoing Series.

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    Defenders of Etheria- A New Ongoing Series.

    Hi, I'm new here. Anyway, I wrote this prologue script for a planned ongoing series that takes place 200 years after the original series. It's basically a mashup of New Adventures and the He-Ro concept Lou Scheimer came up with. Anyway, enjoy.


    Featuring: Cap'N Diamond-Eye, Teela [Secondaries: Webb, Rivet-Head, Statixx, Magmus, Skeletor]
    Writer: Joker95. Artist: TBD
    Summary: A group of Space Pirates come across the co-ordinates for a wormhole that leads to Greyskull. Hijinks ensue as Cap'N Diamond-Eye sets a chain of events in motion.


    Page 1:

    Panel#1: [We see the exterior of Castle Greyskull]

    Cap'N Diamond-Eye: [Speech Bubble] At last, we're here.

    Panel#2: [We see Cap'N Diamond-Eye, along with his crew-Webb, Rivet-Head, Statixx and Magmus- teleporting on the land bridge between Greyskull and the mainland]

    Cap'N Diamond-Eye: [Confident Speech] 'Tis been several hours since we left Primus, and now we've arrived at our destination. Rivet-'ead.

    [Half-panel, Rivet-Head is holding what looks like a rocket launcher on his shoulder-

    Cap'N Diamond-Eye [Speech Bubble] Make us an entrance. We 'ave a 'special' meeting with the owner of this rock

    Panel#3: [Rivet-Heat pulls the trigger, firing the rocket launcher]

    Panel#4: [the rocket hits the drawbridge, resulting in a large explosion that doesn't damage the Castle's walls, but unhooks the drawbridge]

    [Half-panel, the drawbridge collapses, leaving the castle wide open]

    Panel#5: [Cap'N Diamond-Eye, seeing an oppourtunity, unsheathes his twin-bladed weapon before turning towards his underlings]

    Cap'N Diamond Eye: [yelling] "Avast, Mutants o' Primus! Tonight, we take this forsaken castle and all of its' riches fer our own! Fer fortune and evil!

    [Half-Panel, the other pirates unsheath their weapons before running toward the Drawbridge to seize this rare opportunity.]

    Page 2:

    Panel#6: [Inside the Castle, we see a familiar face sitting on the Sorceress' throne-it's Teela, wearing the Snake headdress.]

    [Half-panel, we see a close-up of Teela's face, showing surprise when she senses an intruder inside Castle Greyskull]

    Panel#7: [In the halls of Greyskull, Cap'N Diamond-Eye comes across an empty room.]

    Panel#8: Statixx: [Sarcasm] Wonderful find, Captain.

    [Half-panel, Cap'N Diamond Eye snarls at Statixx]

    Cap'N Diamond-Eye [Speech Bubble] Watch yer tone, Statixx. It just so 'appens we've come across the right place.

    Panel#9: [Teela hurries down the corridor, snake staff in hand as she shows desperation]

    Teela: [Thought caption] I just hope I'm not too late.

    Panel#10: [Cap'N Diamond-Eye sees a faint glowing light from across the room.]

    Cap'N Diamond Eye: [pleased] Foller that glow.

    Page 3:

    Panel#11: [Teela suddenly arrives at the empty corridor.]

    [Half-panel, she spots the glowing light, before rushing over to the glow.]

    Teela: [shocked], no, no!

    Panel#12: [After following the glow, Cap'N Diamond-Eye arrives at the glow's source; a dark purple seal adorned with the Mark of Greyskull-the Iron Cross on He-Man's Belt-]

    Cap'N Diamond-Eye: Airachnos.

    [Half-panel, Airachnos approaches the purple seal, carrying a weathered scroll as the Mutants watched with glee]

    Panel#13: [As Airachnos reads from the scroll, the purple glowing light goes dim].

    Airachnos: [In a trance] Ancient spirits of evil, heed my call. Let these fragile walls of Greyskull fall.

    Panel#14: [Suddenly, Teela arrives, wielding the staff in hand as she confronts the Pirates]

    Teela: [Horrified] What have you done?!

    Panel#15: [Cap'N Diamond-Eye sees Teela before brandishing his cutlass, smiling a toothy grin.]

    Cap'N Diamond-Eye: Ah, ye be just in time, old one.

    [Half-Panel, Teela brandishes the staff before readying herself to strike]

    Teela: Child, you have no idea what you have unleashed. An evil far older than the cosmos, and one that cannot be tamed by the likes of you.

    Page 4:

    Panel#16: [A close-up of Diamond-Eye's face conveys that he knows full well what he's unleashed-and doesn't care.]

    Cap'N Diamond-Eye: [smiles darkly] Aye, be be right, hag. Fer I've discovered somethin' more powerful than mere trinkets.

    Panel#17: [Suddenly, the vault slowly begins to open, as two red eyes peer out from the void, just as the other Pirates watch in awe]

    Cap'N Diamond-Eye: [Speech Bubble] Do not try t'sway me from this path. With this evil being freed, I can rejoice as he tears this world asunder. I imagine 'e would too.

    Panel#17: [a yellow skeletal hand gripped one side of the door, pulling itself free from the void]

    Cap'N Diamond-Eye: [Speech Bubble] Th' days of Greyskull are over, wench. No longer shall I have te stomach the knowledge that my ancestor will remain cooped up in limbo. Now...

    Page 5:

    Panel#18: [A full-page spread depicts the creature that has been freed from its' imprisonment-Skeletor.]

    Cap'N Diamond-Eye: [Speech Bubble] Long live...Skeletor.
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