I have Tytus, it's a complete loose, it's also in great condition, the only problem is that the right arm comes off if you play with it a lot, it's not broken and the mechanism arm-head works. If someone wants to see pictures just contact me at salvatoresanna123@gmail.com
Actually I also have a He-Man and Skeletor laser power, they are loose and not complete. He man doesn't have the arm armor and the sword is broken (just a little piece of plastic of the handle). Skeletor has just the scepter, no cape and battery cover.
If someone is interested or just curious feel free to contact me. I will take into considerations some offers, unfortunately I will not be available during all the day, just wait a little bit. All those toys were given to me when I was a child, Tytus scared me so much! So it's almost new. I'm Italian.