Looking to move some of my extra Superhero figures most are MOC with mailers (when available) unless noted otherwise. Some figures may show some shelf wear. Prices are listed with shipping included in the continental United States, I will combine shipping if multiple figures are wanted, Hawaii, Alaska and US territories may be more. I will also ship internationally, but will require USPS Priority or better unless I've dealt with you in the past or have references. Any questions please ask!

DC Infinite Series/ Signature Collection

Huntress $42
Elongated man $30
Uncle Sam with Doll Man $27
John Constantine $27
Mirror master $30
Black Mask $40
The Flash (Wally West) $30
Lead $45
Metron $60
Monsieur mallah and the Brain $55

DC Universe Classics

Wave 4 Captain Atom (Wildstorm/Kingdom Come Variant) $22
Wave 11 Green Lantern Katma Tui $30
Wave 11 Steppenwolf $22
Wave 11 Steppenwolf (Superpowers variant) $22
Wave 14 Kamandi $22
Wave 14 Green Lantern Alan Scott $30
Wave 15 Omac $15

Green Lantern Classics

Wave 1 Sinestro Corps: Low $30
Wave 2 Red Lantern Skallox $25
Wave 2 Red Lantern Nite-Lik $25
Wave 2 Green Lantern Medphyll $22
Wave 2 Star Sapphire Carol Ferris $30
Wave 2 GL B'DG, SC Despotellis, RL Dex-Starr $30
Wave 2 Green Lantern Sodom Yat $30

Young Justice 6" with Diorama

Superboy (Containment suit/Solar suit) $30
Sportsmaster $30
Red Arrow $30
Artemeis $30
Aqualad $30

Dark Knight Movie Masters

Batman (with Crime Scene Evidence) $25

The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters

Batman (K-Mart exclusive with Blueprints) $30
Catwoman (Goggles Up) $30
Ra's Al Ghul $40


Peter Venkman $25
Ray Stantz (no mailer) $25
Slime Blower Winston Zeddemore $25

Avengers 6" Walmart Series

Loki $27
Hawkeye $27