Okay guys, I am taking orders for Strobo. I'm Shipping United States Only. I'm putting up to 5 slots for Strobo, no more and it is a FIRST PAY FIRST SERVE.

Why first pay first serve?
Last year I was picking up TOD Sorceresses, a LOT of people didn't pay, and I'm not reserving one of only 5 spots for someone who isn't going to pay me in the end.

How much?
$41 shipped each. I'm sure you're wondering why I am charging so much? Well, there is $5-$7 for shipping and have you ever lugged around a bunch of figures around a convention all day, then try and take it onto a train. It is a serious serious hassle. (Learned that one the hard way with TOD Sorceress) So, I need a little compensation for that.

How to pay?
Paypal only!

What if they sell out before you get there?
I am going to go straight to the Mattel Booth first thing, but that still of course doesn't guarantee I will in fact get them(As they are two per person per wait in line), so of course those who I am unable to get your figures, I will gladly give you a 100% refund, as well as an apology.

When will you ship them?
Monday October 14th through USPS via priority mail with tracking.

I'm interested, what do I do?
Reply to this thread and/or PM me! (Just make sure your in box has room for me to reply.)

Strobo Spots:
1- Untaken
2- Untaken
3- Untaken
4- Untaken
5- Untaken