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Thread: MOTUC Filmation Who's Next

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    MOTUC Filmation Who's Next

    So who really can get a chance and be added to the Filmation list between now & 2015.

    MattyCollecter & 4 Horesemen have said the important words that they are looking forward to other Filmation characters.

    Out of the following one time villainous characters I'd like to know who you'd like sooner rather than later. If any.

    Add preference to other characters that are not on list. Happy voting.
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    None of these characters are on my Filmation "wants lists."

    Madame Razz
    Gen. Sunder
    Lizard Man

    These are the top of my Filmation list.
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    Lizard Man is my most wanted FILMation character at the moment.

    Dragoon, Kittrina, Vultak and Dre Elle are also high on my wish list.
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    Razz, Sunder, Colonel Blast, Vultak, Admiral Scurvy, Garn. That's it. No more. LOL
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    I hope none of the ones listed in this poll.

    Madame Razz w/ Broom

    That is basically all i need from Filmation anymore.
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    is that a fake list?

    colonel blast

    im hoping for gleedal, garth and blackbeard tough
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Villain View Post
    So who really can get a chance and be added to the Filmation list between now & 2015.

    MattyCollecter & 4 Horesemen have said the important words that they are looking forward to other Filmation characters.

    Love to know who out of the following you'd like sooner rather than later.

    I guess there are already enough popular Filmation characters in the 2014-2015 line up. I doubt there would be slots for lesser known characters...
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    Lord of the Patch baronterror's Avatar
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    none of the above.

    Filmation Hordak.
    General Sunder

    These are my top 2.

    I'd be happy to get a female Avion Hawke Delora whatever.
    Madame Razz of course though I am not as excited about her as I feel I should be.

    I dont personally feel that strongly about LIzard Man, but he would be an oversite and should be done.

    Gotta have Masque because, you know, Shakoti

    Vultak would be pretty cool to get.

    But seriously, if I got Filmation Hordak, I'd be happy.

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    Heroic Warrior Icer1's Avatar
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    Madame Razz + Broom
    General Sunder
    King Micah / Red Knight
    Lizard Man
    Filmation Hordak + Imp
    Filmation Mer-Man

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    Besides the Obvious why not Red Eye:

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    Nothing in the list strikes my fancy. Give me Razz, Broom, Loo-Kee, Lizard Man, Melaktha, Hawke, Delora, Twiggets, Imp, Sunder, Masque, and the Red Knight. Shoot, I'll take Chef Allen over anyone on the list.
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    Now that Madame Razz has been announced, that is it for my MUST HAVE Filmation figures. However if there was another Filmation figure I would like to have, it would probably have to be Hunga the Harpy. I think she would make a cool figure and add another villain with the ability of flight.

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