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Thread: The Official Secret Santa Thread 2013

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    The Official Secret Santa Thread 2013

    Hello Secret Santas!

    It’s that time of year again! The annual Secret Santa Season kicks off today, October 13th 2013.

    Eligible Santa’s have until November 1st 12AM EST to sign up. So, in order to sign up, you must be a registered member who then sends me a PM with your real name and mailing address (which I will keep private and only share with your Secret Santa).

    Even if you have participated in the past, please resend your shipping address in ensure your address is current and correct.

    IMPORTANT: If you have signed up, but change your mind about participating, you have until November 1st to PM me to remove your name from the list without being marked as a Bad Santa.
    No new names will be accepted after November 1st.

    In order to sign up:
    1.) You must have been a member of for at least 1 year (your signup date must be on or before October 13th, 2012).
    2.) If you have not participated in the Secret Santa in the past, you will need to have another member PM me to vouch for your reputation. This needs to be someone with who you have done a successful trade or sale.

    All requests to join 2013 Secret Santa exchange must be PM to me. Replying to this thread alone will not enter you into the fun.

    After you send me your PM, you may also post a wish list in this thread as a purchasing suggestion for your Secret Santa. Do not be offended if your Secret Santa gift is not from your wish list as there's no guarantee you'll receive what you asked for. Also, please ask for generalities. For instance, you like Star Wars or LEGO, do not list specific items as this puts pressure on the Santa to find and deliver them. Instead, just say Star Wars or LEGO. If you are looking for specific items to fill out your collection, that’s what the Marketplace forum is for.

    On November 3rd, another board member’s name will be randomly selected and sent to you in a PM, along with their shipping address. Be sure to keep that info a secret and not tell the user you are buying them a gift! Otherwise, it won't be Secret Santa! Sorry no special requests to purchase for specific users will be granted. Also, by signing up you agree that you may have to ship your gift internationally.

    Gifts sent within the United Statues will have until December 9th to buy and send your package to your recipient! International gifts will need to be sent by November 25th to ensure a Christmas delivery. As an example, if you live in the USA and need to ship your gift to Germany, you will need to send your gift by November 25th to ensure a Christmas delivery in Germany.

    Fans shipping within the United States MUST use delivery confirmation, and they will need to send me a PM with that delivery confirmation number as proof of shipment by December 9th. International gifts must send a scan or photograph of their customs form to by November 25th as proof of shipment. If postage confirmation is late or there is a failure to provide an active tracking number or scan of the customs form, it will result in you being listed on the Bad Santa list. Bad Santas are added to our Naughty List and will not be allowed to participate in any future Secret Santa gift exchanges!

    Even if you get marked as a Bad Santa, you still need to get your gift out for this year's Secret Santa. The absolute final deadline is December 27th, 2013 for Bad Santas. If a Bad Santa missed that date as well, they will be banned from the forums permanently! This is a rule to ensure that everyone sends a gift. It’s not worth losing your membership over a free gift.

    Please package ALL gifts securely to ensure they arrive intact and undamaged. Do not wrap the shipping box in gift paper! You can wrap the gift inside the box if you want, just NOT the actual box with which you use to ship the gift!

    If your gift arrives late or not at all, but you followed all the correct steps, we'll address that when the time comes. Everyone should note gifts may be possibly lost by the postal system. This is a risk that everyone must face. A replacement gift will not be sent if a gift was lost in the mail.

    The below list includes all of the Santa’s signed up for the 2013 Secret Santa gift exchange.

    King Kahn
    Mighty Puundragon
    Pixel Dan
    Princess Adora NJ

    *Santa names will appear in Black until shipping confirmation is received. Names will appear in Red once confirmation of shipping is received but their gift has yet to be received by the recipient. And finally, once the gift is received by the recipient the sender's name will appear in Green. When your gift arrives please post in this thread to inform your Santa the gift was received. But please don’t open the box with your gift until Christmas to keep with the spirit of Secret Santa!

    Gifts should be between $10 and $20 USD before shipping. If you are only participating to receive a gift equal in value to what you sent, do not participate. This is about giving, not receiving. If we determine that you spent less than $10 USD before shipping, you will be placed on the Bad Santa list and not eligible to participate in the future Secret Santas. If you spend more than $20 USD before shipping, please do not be upset if your Santa stayed within the $10-20 limit

    Please do not sign up if you are unsure if you can participate. While we understand that the unforeseen does sometimes occur, you should be able to gauge at the present moment if you can complete your end of the exchange. Don’t plan on buying Secret Santa gifts with money you don’t have!

    Any further questions or concerns may be addressed in the Secret Santa thread.

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    I am in again this year (pm sent)

    As for things I am interested in, its pretty much the same as past years

    • Old Role Playing Games (Early D&D 70's-85), Star Frontiers, DC Role Playing and Marvel Role Playing from the 80's)
    • Monster High Dolls and Fashions (for my wife)
    • Garbage Pail Kids (any of the classic series from the 80's and the recent Chrome series)
    • M.U.S.C.L.E.S. or anything from Japan that is related to Kinnikuman
    • Any old DC or Mavel comics from the 77-82 (beat up condition is fine, I just like reading old comics)
    • Anything Warhmamer 40k related (books, posters, magazines, miniatures, etc)
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    I am in again this year.

    I love MOTU of course, more horde related or NA related to be more specific.

    I also love Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes or cool ninja related items as well.

    Also, I love legos as well.
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    I want NA Skeletor and Rio Blast and I want them now!

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    PM Sent! Sign Me Up!
    Yay! I love this time of year. Bring it on!
    Last year, I loved finding my fellow member’s desired DVDs from his list and sending them off!

    My list is simple this year… All I want for Christmas is : spectroscotts Pug
    LOL, just kidding!

    It’s always so much easier to give than to figure out what I’d like to receive. List time at Christmas always drove my parents crazy! In any case, here are some items I’ll throw out there!

    1) MOTUC
    Current toy collecting-wise, I only collect MOTUC.
    I have most of everything MOTUC, although, I’ve been keeping my eye open for extras of the following.
    I know I won’t be able to keep Castle Grayskull in the box and will finally need to grow my loose figure army!

    - Battle Armor He-Man, Bubble Power She-Ra, Captain Glenn, Fisto, Hordak
    - King Hsss, King Randor (EP/Filmation) Kobra Kahn, Leech, Mekaneck
    - Mosquitor, Rattlor, Scareglow, Shadow Weaver, Spikor
    - Stinkor, Tri-Klops, Webstor, Whiplash, Zodac
    - End of Wars Weapons Pak (w/ Kowl)

    2) DVDs
    There are also some DVDs I've been thinking about on my amazon wish list - [removed]

    3) Gift Cards
    Finally, Gift cards are always great of course too! I'm always buying books and DVDs and household stuff, so places like Amazon/Target/Wal Mart are always an easy choice.

    Of course, these are all just suggestions and I'm happy with anything really.
    Unless, my SS is specroscott -- then I all I want is the pug.

    Thanks Judith & Thanks Secret Santa!
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    Feedback Thread:
    MOTUC MOC Want List: SDCC 2008 King Grayskull
    Vintage POP MOC Want List: Bubble Power She-Ra, Loo Kee, Spinnerella

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    Man is it here already?Sign me up! I enjoy being a Secret Santa.I'll post a list here later.
    Thanks Again for taking ur time again this year Judith to spearhead this event!
    I pretty much like anything from these vintage toylines.
    MOTU any misc./oddball items
    Vintage Knock Off MOTU figures from any series
    N.A.of He-Man any misc./oddball items
    She-Ra any misc ./oddball items
    D&D any figures
    T.M.N.T.any vintage items or figures
    Madballs any
    Stompers any vintage
    Blackstar any vintage figures
    Any vintage Alf items
    Any vintage Dukes of Hazzard items
    Power Lords any vintage items
    Starriors any vintage items
    Robo Force anything
    Dragon Riders of the Styx anything
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    As usual, I'm in. Always nice to create some joy in the world.

    Wish list:

    Any region-free english-subtitled dvds for Kamen Rider Den-O, Double/W, or Fourze (Have the Movie War films [2010, megamax, ultimatum], and complete series sets of Den-O and Double/W already. Thanks, Malaysia!)
    Transformers Armada minicons (love those little guys)
    Gargoyles (best disney show EVER)
    Fantastic Four, Batman Beyond Unlimited, FF, MOTU, MOTU vs DC comics (I've fallen behind in the last four months... I only have issue 2 of the MOTU ongoing!)
    Power Rangers, Avatar the Last Airbender, or Voltron Force graphic novels (Have VF 1)
    Goosebumps/Haunting Hour dvds (who doesn't love horror anthologies?)

    Only other MOTU stuff I'm looking for is WELL beyond the $20 range, so that's a no-no.

    But just have fun!
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    Awwww yeah!

    So excited! This will be my first year to be a santa! Make your lists BIG cause if I'm yer santa it's ON!!!

    For me:

    Dr. Who 5" figures, character building blind bags, titan blind boxes 11th & 4th doctors are my favorites, Amy & Rory, River are my favorite companions and allies.
    Walking Dead Minimates
    Thundercats minimates
    Lego minifigures
    Vintage Smurfs
    Ewoks, R2 units, Star Wars Droids
    I like minifigures & blind/bags/ the lil guys.
    Gaurdians of the galaxy comics (1990 run)
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    I am in. I will post a wish list as soon as I can think of something I want.

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    First batch of names are up!
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    well it's been a few years but I'm in on the secret santa list once again! I love this, I've gotten some of the coolest/thoughtful gifts on here in the past. I'm very open to what I receive as I pretty much had to sell almost all of my collectibles over the past 5 years. I moved 9 times total during that time, quit school, was laid off from a job, had two kids, the list continues but I'll spare the details. Anyway, I collected every he-man line, thundercats, and TMNT and don't have much left of any. My favorite characters from MOTU are scare glow and pretty much all of the horde, I kept my vintage scare glow figure as well as a custom made mantenna & camo khan. The only thing I have left from MOTUC is my pine fresh deodorant I have some random 200X items and all my DVDs, no figures other than three custom snakemen I acquired from a good friend here on the org. I did keep one collection complete and that was my wheeled warriors. i kept it because it was small and easy to keep, it's not displayed right now, but I thought I would mention I'm a fan of that as well as GPK as you can see on my recent post looking for some cards Hope that info helps my secret santa out!
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    I do really like Org's Secret Santa and I'm back again! Really nice time of the year to share.

    Regarding my list, anything shall be greatly appreciated, however this is quite a list of things I like/want:

    _Batman 66´ figures from Mattel
    _Star Wars Black Series 6"
    _Super Powers
    _G.I.Joe ARAH, 25th Ann, POC or Retaliation
    _Transformers G1
    _Defenders of the Earth
    _Matchbox Robotech
    _MOTU 200X
    _TMNT vintage or Classics
    _Playmates D i c k Tracy
    _Man of Steel Movie Masters
    _Mego figures
    _DC MOTU Comics
    _80's Cartoon's DVD's or Blu-Rays
    _DC Animated movies Blu-Rays

    Thank you and have a joyful season
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    Uh oh... Only 8 days left and the list is so tiny... Where'd everybody go? It's no fun without a giant group of he-fans and She-Ravers.
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    I love this time of year. It just feels so magical. And I can't wait to go shopping for my little elf!

    As far as a gift for me? Feel free to DONATE a toy to "TOYS FOR TOTS" on my behalf. If you want you can send me some pictures of you shopping for the toy or dropping it off at a donation center, etc. It would bring a huge smile to my face knowing that such a kindness was done for a child that might otherwise go without.

    ************************************************** ********************************************

    However, if you are like me and like to shop for others then I also don't want to take that joy away from you. So, I have listed a few gift ideas below in order of preference to help out.

    1. ANY Four Horsemen OUTER SPACE MEN figures

    2. Vintage MOC New Adventures of He-Man figures:
    • Artilla
    • Battle Blade Skeletor
    • Battle Punch He-man
    • Butthead
    • Disks of Doom Skeletor
    • Flipshot/ Icarius
    • Lizorr
    • Quake
    • Skeletor
    • Spin Fist Hydron
    • Spinwit
    • Staghorn
    • Thunder Punch He-Man
    • Tuskador

    3. Gift Cards (Walmart, Toys R Us, Amazon, ebay)

    4. ANY He-Man MOTU merchandise (Here is a helpful link to show all of the merchandise produced:

    5. ANY "Duck Dynasty" merchandise
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    TOP 5 MOST WANTED: Filmation Whiplash, Filmation Ram Man, Filmation Two-Bad, Ice Armor He-Man, and Snake Mountain Man

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    I just sent in my PM to Judith! I had fun with this last year.

    So I thought I would do it a little differently this year. Instead of a gift for me my kids would probably have fun opening something... So I started a little game at home. I have a glow in the dark 2 inch my little pony that I am hiding in my livingroom/entryway. The first kid to get the highest score (10 points per Pony find) in the Pony Hunt will get to open the Secret Santa gift.

    Things the kids are all interested in:
    My Little Pony
    Star Trek Voyager
    Dr. Who
    Arts and Crafts
    Gift cards to places like Toys R Us, Target or Walmart
    or basically anything any other kid likes!

    Their ages are between 8 and 13
    They are having fun with this game, so it may become a new tradition.
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    Aw, man! I wanted to sign up. But haven't been here a year.

    I have good feedback though hint hint.

    Enjoy guys!

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    This will be my first year and I'm ready to go all in!! I've been waiting 2 years for this and I'm ecstatic! So look out Secret Santa I'm hoping to make your Holiday.

    So my list is mostly MOTUC and the following list is figures I like and don't have. However whoever gets my list please don't break your back to get any of them and also loose is fine as I usually open my figures especially since Castle Grayskull is coming. So you don't have to go out of your way to get what's on my list I appreciate the gesture in itself as much as the surprise.

    MOTUC: Buzz off, Scareglow, Rattlor, Mecka Neck, NA He-Man, Karatti, Octavia, Jitsu, The Mighty Spector, Icer, Vykron, Sy-klone, Snake face, Slush head, Roboto, Moss man, Man E Faces, and Palace Guards

    The Four Horsemen: Power Lords, Outer Space men, etc.

    Oh and I forgot if by any chance you know of a loose Sword of Protection that would be great!

    Well thank you in advance Secret Santa either way I'm sure I'll be more than happy with whatever you send and am excited to return the favor to another special orger!
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    Count me and MOTUfan in again
    She-Ra rocks. For the honor of Grayskull.

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    I'm in again and I will post my wish list later this week.
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    New names added! Please be sure to PM me your details per the first post if you want to participate.
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    Count me in!

    Hmmm, what is my wish list....

    Game Stop Gift Card
    Amazon Gift Card
    Home Depot or Lowes Gift Card
    Anything AC/DC except music, I have everything.

    I can't put any MOTU on this list as my girl has been spoiling me and knows what I am looking for.
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    Count me in again this year!!!

    I sold my ENTIRE collection this year and bought an old Victorian home and am fixing it up so toys are out and gift cards are in. Wish list below:

    Gift card:
    Home Depot
    Game stop
    Best buy
    Blick art materials (

    any Top Shelf Books
    John Lewis and Nate Powell's "March"
    Sandman Trades (#4 and on)
    Odd Duck by Sara Varon

    Artists Im looking at at the moment:
    Joe Kubert
    Alex Raymond
    Winsor McCay
    Hal Foster
    Francis Bacon

    Moonrise Kingdom DVD

    Any Stephen King
    Robert Graves
    Any plays by Sam Sheperd

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    I've waited all year for this! So happy to participate again. PM sent to Judith.

    Let's see.... Masters of the Universe is pretty much the only thing I collect, especially Classics figures. I love custom items, crafts like artwork, commission work from the many talented artists in this community (Chris Faccone, Kevin Kosse, Terry Huddleston, Ben Bishop, Hunter Knight Customs, Mast er Customs), army building, vintage mini comics. I love anything to do with the Filmation MOTU and POP cartoons. Other than collecting, I enjoy playing PC games on Steam! Some of my favorite MOTU characters are Eldor, Madam Razz, Draego-Man, Nepthu's sand golems, and the blind boy "Loos" from the episode "Not So Blind". Btw, will soon be offering gift cards!
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    I'm in! This should be a lot of fun Here are some ideas for me:

    MOTUC: My needs are in my signature line. Loose is fine too, as I open everything. I ran out of room in the signature line, so you can add snakemen, TP he-man, and star sisters to the list too.
    TMNT Classics 6": I still need Mikey and Leo, as well as Rocksteady and Bebop
    Vinyl Funko POP figures: Any of the MOTU, TMNT, or The Beatles
    TMNT Nik figures: Shredder 2.0 or Playsets
    Ghostbusters: Vintage is cool. I only have Peter and Ray, and then a bunch of ghosts. I'd love Stay Puft or Slimer, Egon or Winston ANY Ghostbuster stuff is cool though, including figures, play sets, and props, new or vintage! I do have all the new 12" figures already.

    If non of these work, Gift cards for:
    Home Depot
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    Names added to the list! A lot of new blood this year!
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    Alright, sign me up! PM on the way!

    I'll put up a wish list at some point, but basically I like toys. :-)
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