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Thread: TRADE: My MU fIgs for your TMNT figs.

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    TRADE: My MU fIgs for your TMNT figs.

    I have a bunch of Marvel Universe and other Marvel 3.75" figure for trade. Most of them are in great/like-new shape and complete! I may have even more to add to the list...

    Marvel Universe & All other Marvel 3.75" (All MOC/MIB):
    Apocalypse (MOC)
    Archangel (MOC)
    Archangel Deathmask Variant (MOC)
    Black Widow - Romanoff Version (MOC)
    Classic Avengers Team Pack (MIB)
    Dark/Ultimate Magneto (MOC)
    Electro (Translucent hands variant) MOC
    Falcon (MOC)
    Ice Attack Frost Giant (MOC)
    Iron Patriot (MOC)
    Juggernaut (MOC)
    NYCC Compound Hulk (MOC in Box)
    Red Skull from Captain America line (MOC)
    Shadowland/Black Daredevil (MOC)
    Sif from Thor Movie Line (MOC)
    Sorcerer's Fury Loki (MOC)
    Storm (MOC)
    War Machine - Good movie version one from IM 2 line (MOC)

    Marvel Universe and other Marvel 3.75" (All loose and complete, unless noted):
    Wolverine - X-Force Costume (not mint)
    Captain America (Ultimate/First released version)
    Classic Iron Fist (one loose leg/hip ball joint, Hasbro's fault - easily fixed)
    Classic Luke Cage
    Hawkeye (Original bright colors)
    Cyclops (Wolverine X-Men Origins movie line)
    Maverick (Wolverine X-Men Origins movie line) original pistol lost, but replaced with similar gun.
    Ultron (from comic 2 pack)
    Mr. Fantastic (from comic 2 pack, white boots deco)
    The Torch (fully flamed on)
    The Thing - Negative Zone Variant (White boots)
    Wonderman (from comic 2 pack)

    Want TMNT Figures:

    Vintage - Prefer complete and in decent shape (also don't mind the re-release versions of the vintage):
    Krang's Android Body
    Foot Soldier (multiple)
    Shredder (multiple)
    Mutagen Man
    General Traag
    Robotic Foot Soldier
    Mutatin Foot Soldier
    Mutatin Shredder
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    I saw a bunch of the new TMNT at Burlington coat factory last night if there is one by you

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    Wow! There is no Burlington close by, but I am near one once in a great while. I haven't been to one for about 4 years. I don't remember them selling many hard goods. I'll keep an eye out.

    Also, I obtained my Shredder 2.0!!!

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