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Thread: Original Earl Norem MOTU paintings for sale

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    Original Earl Norem MOTU paintings for sale

    I have some original Earl Norem paintings from the magazine. They are some of the only things I have left of any value in my personal possession. I was going to sell them back when I was raising money for the CrossGen debt but my closest friends at the time threatened me with bodily harm.

    But, things are really tight these days. Between Power-Con, all the money I've put into the Org for so many years, etc, I'm considering selling them as a last resort.

    So, if you're interested, PM me and I'll talk about which pieces are available. I thought I'd try here first with hardcore fans before I consider eBay or an auction house. Offers of 3000.00 minimum are all I'll entertain. Seriously inquiries only.

    No matter what, thanks for reading and I appreciate consideration of a purchase.

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    I would love to see pics! Best of luck to you, sir!
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    Pm sent.....

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