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Thread: wtb toybiz marvel legends six inch figures

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    wtb toybiz marvel legends six inch figures

    Looking for the following.MUST be complete with no QC issues

    Series 1 captain america
    Series three thor
    Series three magneto
    Series four punisher
    Series 3 thing
    Series 10 Cyclops
    Series nine nightcrawler
    Series 5 silver surfer
    Series five colossus
    Classic series two dr doom
    Series 2 iron man
    Series 2 hulk
    Series 8 iceman
    Classic falcon
    Series thirteen green goblin masked version
    Series 8 doc octopus
    Mr sinister
    Dr strange
    Fantastic four subseries Speedo nsmor
    Daredevil series three and 2 pk version
    Faceoff kingpin
    Series 1 capt america
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    please release accurate Filmation of-- tri klops, merman, fisto, roboto, kobra khan, hordak, grizzlor, mantenna. Leech, entrapta, teela, spikor, buzz off, whiplash, webstor, prince adam, rattlor, tung lashor, mekaneck, man at arms, sorceress, jitsu, ram man, man e faces, frosta, bow and perfuma.

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