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Thread: wtb toybiz marvel legends six inch figures

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    wtb toybiz marvel legends six inch figures

    Looking for the following.MUST be complete with no QC issues

    Series 1 captain america
    Series three thor
    Series three magneto
    Series four punisher
    Series 3 thing
    Series 10 Cyclops
    Series nine nightcrawler
    Series 5 silver surfer
    Series five colossus
    Classic series two dr doom
    Series 2 iron man
    Series 2 hulk
    Series 8 iceman
    Classic falcon
    Series thirteen green goblin masked version
    Series 8 doc octopus
    Mr sinister
    Dr strange
    Fantastic four subseries Speedo nsmor
    Daredevil series three and 2 pk version
    Faceoff kingpin
    Series 1 capt america
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    please release accurate Filmation of-- Fisto, roboto, kobra khan, grizzlor, mantenna. Leech, entrapta, , moss man, icer , buzz off, whiplash, webstor, prince adam, rattlor, mekaneck, stratos ram man, frosta, bow, shadow weaver, catra, catra frosta, panther form ,Mermista, glimmer, Angela and perfuma.

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