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Thread: FOR FUN: IF you were granted 3 wishes for MOTU Classics, what would you wish for???

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    FOR FUN: IF you were granted 3 wishes for MOTU Classics, what would you wish for???

    So, if the Powers of Grayskull granted you 3 wishes for the MOTU Classics line, what would you wish for???

    Remember, this is JUST FOR FUN so let's try to remain upbeat and be creative with our wishes. For example, you can wish for certain figures, longevity of the line, specific mini-subs, playsets, color schemes, # of figures in the sub, re-issues of past figures, pre-order for future figures, etc.

    Your wish is Matty's command (hypothetically, of course ).

    I would wish for:

    1. NEW media to include: live-action movie, animated movie, and new cartoon series with a chance for me to be an extra in the live-action movie!
    2. A chance to help design/ create my own action figure from start to finish with the help of the 4 Horsemen as well as be able to shadow Toyguru when my figure is first announced at SDCC.
    3. ALL vintage MOTU, vintage POP, vintage NA, 200X, comics, and CAC contest (old and new) characters made into MOTU Classics along with the playsets, vehicles, and beasts.
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    TOP 5 MOST WANTED: Filmation Whiplash, Filmation Ram Man, Filmation Two-Bad, Ice Armor He-Man, and Snake Mountain Man

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    1. Snake Mountain
    2. Separate sub categories (vintage only, POP only, NA only, Filmation only)
    3. Two more wishes...

    Then I would wish for:

    4. Action features (twist waist, water shooting, etc.)
    5. a PRE ORDER SYSTEM!!!
    My post count just got bigger.

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    *More Horde Troopers (evergreen item)
    *Pre Order system
    *Rights to ALL '87 movie characters

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    I only need one wish...

    I wish production costs would go down significantly! This way the price to sell these to customers would go way down, it would be easier to afford, more people would be inclined to subscribe going forward if the figures don't cost as much, the line would last longer, and good times will be had by all!

    This would of course open doors to MANY possibilites! 3 or 4 packs at roughly the cost of current 2-packs! We could get the entire council of eldors in a couple/few packs!

    Snake Mountain could be bigger than Castle Grayskull as a lower cost!

    They could make the Eternia playset! (even if they had to sell each tower separately.... maybe make it it's own sub where each piece comes out over the course of a year).

    The Crystal Castle (Filmation style, of course)!

    Easier to justify Horde Trooper reissues (and reissues of other past figures.... even if they do smaller runs and have to charge more per figure, that price would be more in line with what we are paying now).

    Vehicles, Strydor, Night Stalker!

    Packs or mini-subs themed after specific land mark comics or cartoon episodes!

    George Wendt eating beans!

    The possibilities are endless!!!

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    1) A He-Ro universe and 30th Anniversary Create-A-Figure Runners Up mini-subs.

    2) The line converting to more of a Kickstarter model, where fans vote with their dollars, but also get to know all planned figures for the year in advance and are given incentives for contributing even more money.

    3) 'Ultimate' versions of past and future figures that deserve this treatment; more accessories, heads, costuming, etc.
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    1. To-scale Fright Zone from the Filmation series - that thing would be a monster!

    2. Bright Moon/Whispering Woods combo playset, with Sprag, Sprocker and Spritina

    3. Filmation Crystal Castle playset with Light Hope 'crystal' prism accessory and bonus King Ahgo.

    Ah, the life of a make-believe Brand Manager!
    Most-wanted MOTUC: Granita - Hunga the Harpy - The Melog - Dylamug - Sprag, Sprocker and Spritina - the Twiggets - King Ahgo - Filmation Grizzlor, Mantenna, Leech, Modulok and Multi-Bot

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    Wish 1: Every vintage figure, beast, character and playset gets made with its very own dedicated mini-comic.
    Wish 2: We get at least a good 40-50 more new characters from the various cartoons, books, mini-comics, prototypes, concepts, along with Filmation variants of the most important characters.
    Wish 3: Have the line overproduced to the point it costs $5 to purchase a single figure.
    Proud supporter of the Snake Men.

    Most Wanted: Slave Girl, Lizorr, T-Rex, Great Black Wizard, rest of New Adventures, Lodar, MOP Demons, Dream Mistress.
    Most Wanted Filmation: Ileena, Granita, Teela, Hordak head, Dylamug, Twiggets, Trollans, Widgets, Dark Dream, Lady Valtira, Count Marzo, Chimera.

    No Slave Girl? Watch us hurl!

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    Number #1 want of all time...and it's a biggie. This should come of no surprise to those who know me since 2008.

    A full-on 12 month 200X/MYP Variant Sub with no BS.

    Regular Figures:
    • MYP Sy-Klone
    • WMD Roboto
    • King Hsss
    • General Rattlor in MYP colors and armor, complete with shin and arm armor
    • MYP Tung Lashor
    • MYP Teela
    • MYP Prince Adam
    • Cloak and Dagger Evil-Lyn
    • 200X Webstor
    • MYP Sorceress
    • Captain Randor
    • 200X Skeletor

    Quarterly He-Man variants:
    • Snake Armor He-Man
    • Horde Armor He-Man
    • Ice Armor He-Man
    • 200X He-Man

    Quarterly Beasts/Giants:
    • Azdar
    • Belzar
    • Chazdar

    • Traveling Exclusive: 200X Orko without the long shirt or the knees
    • SDCC exclusive: Royal Palace King Randor and Queen Marlena
    • Holiday Item: Battle Armor King Randor and Queen Marlena

    Include bonuses like the Corodite Crystal, Veridian Honey Berries, Ambrosia, The Legacy Stones and a silver Doomseeker.

    Wishes numbers 2 and 3 are coming later...

    The Official 200X Sorceress vs 200X Evil-Lyn 2 Pack Support Thread
    The Blonde Teela Thread

    Sagitar (Jetlag) • Azdar • Belzar • Chazdar • 200X Evil-Lyn • 200X Teenage Prince Adam • 200X Teenage Teela • 200X Sorceress • General Rattlor (MYP) • 200X King Randor and Queen Marlena • 200X Battle Armor King Randor and Battle Armor Queen Marlena • Ice Armor He-Man • WMD Roboto

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    1. Snake Mountain
    2. Mattel to drop DR and improve the buying experience
    3. An All-Star sub featuring characters like Beast-Man, Teela, Fisto, etc. Either as re-issues or 2.0 improved versions. Heck, it's a wish, so let's go with improved 2.0 versions!

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    I would wish for:

    1) Rights to the 87 Movie so we can get all the movie characters especially Langella Skeletor (regular & god) & He-man
    Right now I only have my custom Movie Skeletor

    2) A well thought out Filmation style snake Mountain with Skeletors Bone Throne (attached inside like they did with the Throne in Grayskull)

    3) The Battle Ram!
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    Collectors Choice most Wanted Characacters:

    Hunga The Harpy, Kittrina, Melaktha, Stridor, Sagitar, General Tateran, Kothos, 200x Sorceress.

    Club Grayskull Filmation most Wanted Characacters:

    Grizzlor, Leech, Mantenna, Horde Trooper, She-Ra, Prince Adam, Stratos, Modulok, Multibot, Ram-Man, Whiplash, Webstor

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    1. All of the vintage He-Man, POP and NA figures, playsets, vehicles and beasts to be made. Everything vintage.
    2. To have a remake of the POP line based on the vintage figures.
    3. New figures. I'd love to see some new concepts and some figures based on 200X.

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    1) Get rid of Digital River

    2) Snake Mountain

    3) Fright Zone
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    In scale, filmation playsets i.e. Fright Zone, Snake Mountain, Eternos Palace (made modular) it'd be to big to ship otherwise, Crystal Castle and Castle Brightmoon.
    In scale Attack trakk, at least a two seater,
    An unlimited supply of Army builders made readily available all the time, Horde Troopers, Snake Men, Robot Nights, Palace Guards.
    Strange women dressed in bird outfits guarding castles distributing swords and harnesses in no basis for a system of heroism.

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    Quote Originally Posted by No-Ah View Post
    2. Mattel to drop DR and improve the buying experience
    Okay, this would be my #2 wish!

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    1. MOTUC to run until 2020 at an affordable price
    2. New figures and characters
    3. Disco Skeletor
    The Lurkiest

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    1) Snake Mountain and Fright Zone
    2) All vintage MOTU figures, plus Hover Robots and Lizard Man
    3) Attack Trak, Dragon Walker, Road Ripper, Battle Ram, Roton, Talon Fighter, Land Shark, Bashasaurus, Spydor, Bionatops, T-Rex, Night Stalker, Stridor
    My seller/trader/buyer feedback:

    MOTUC Most Wanted: 1) Stridor 2) Road Ripper 3) Dragon Walker 4) Land Shark

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    1. The original 2020 roadmap to be completed.

    2. snake mountain.

    3. a skyrim style motu game.

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    #1) Quarterly pre-orders on previously released basic figures. These would be characters that were not sub-exclusives and who were voted upon by the fans. Polls would be held at the beginning of the quarter, pre-order for the winners.

    #2) Fans choice figures would be voted on across multiple platforms. Hell, I'd TXT 20041 to have a vote outside a convention.

    #3) SONGSTER

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    1. A new He-man head sculpt that is closer to the vintage figure.
    2. An open human left hand like the vintage figures.
    3. Magenta Skeletor armor for Faker to match his cardback art.

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    1.a Snake Mountain playset
    2.a spaceship Eternia
    3. Attack Trak, Dragon Walker, Road Ripper, Battle Ram, Roton, Talon Fighter, Land Shark, Bashasaurus, Spydor, Bionatops, T-Rex, Night Stalker, Stridor
    Lipster Heroic Warrior

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    Three simple wishes:

    1. Entrapta in 2014

    2. Movie troopers as the next two pack

    3. Filmation versions of Evil-Lyn and Teela
    Favorite MOTUC
    1. Shadow Weaver
    2. Evil-Lyn, BG
    3. Skeletor, Filmation
    4. Mer-Man
    5. Orko

    Most Wanted: New Version of Sorceress, Filmation She-Ra

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    1. Rights to the movie characters with a 12 month sub
    2. He-Ro Son of He-Man sub
    3. New Mini-comic characters sub
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    1. Battle Bones
    2. Lizard Man
    3. All joke figures wiped from existence (Molar, Standar, and Plundor)

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    You guys have some GREAT, well thought-out wishes. I might have to go back and edit mine. lol.
    TOP 5 MOST WANTED: Filmation Whiplash, Filmation Ram Man, Filmation Two-Bad, Ice Armor He-Man, and Snake Mountain Man

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    1) Battle Ram (whole)
    2) Snake Mountain
    3) My Create A Character Contest Entry as an official release. (I made a custom of it but can't show it due to the rules...grrrr.)
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