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Thread: FOR FUN: IF you were granted 3 wishes for MOTU Classics, what would you wish for???

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    A Damn Mitten....
    Grayskull to have been more affordable so I could have at least attempted to get one.

    The line to go on with no more price increases until at least the concievably popular character, even minutely is made.... (I.E. has to be more than just a one time character with no face in a comic panel or a scan through a scene of a cartoon or movie, that has no real concept art or the Tug-Of-War Man).

    Cheaper and occasionally free shipping just for promotion, like Hasbrotoyshop can do.

    There are more, but the only 3 I could think of on the fly, I'm sure I have better ones....
    Recent.... HATMOTU Beast Man & Evil Seed
    Wanted.... Filmation Mer-Man, Teela & Sorceress
    Needed.... MOTUC Lord Masque

    Oh man, did I forget to use these [sarcasm][/sarcasm] again? Sorry....

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    Quote Originally Posted by whbinder View Post
    2. Mini-sub of "Protectors of the Sword" starting with Oo-Lar and introducing new characters to fill the story between Vikor and Wun-Dar.
    Well, I'm no fan of some unspeakable starship coming to Eternia and stealling Prince Adam away but I really do like your second wish. It is an excellent idea! And would be nicely supported by your 3rd choice.
    Grayskull needs its Cardboard Spacesuit MOTUCized

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    1) MYP Sorceress vs. MYP King Hiss 2-pack

    2) MYP Teela and Prince Adam 2-pack

    3) Filmation/MYP hybrid Snake Mountain
    MYP Sorceress is a MUST HAVE figure for MOTUC!

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    Sorcerer of Zalesia bcrduke's Avatar
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    1) Eternia play set
    2) Complete pop line in MOTUC
    3) meteorb multi-pack
    A Want List: Starburst She-Ra, Ghost, Mini Comic Tri-Klops, Mini-Comic/Vintage Toy costume Catra, The Enchantress, Kayo, Joya, Lt. Andra, Storm, Twiggets, Melaktha, Sagitar, Spirit, Kothos, Master Sebrian, Weapons Paks, Fuerza T figures, 200X Sorceress, King Miro, Dree-Elle & Uncle Montork.

    Filmation Variants: She-Ra, Bow, Mantenna, Leech, Entrapta, Grizzlor, Prince Adam, Glimmer, Adora

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    1. Kittrina
    2. Movie figures mini-sub
    3. Filmation He-man
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    1. For the line to finish with all vintage MOTU, POP and NA figures recreated in the MOTUC style, along with all vehicles, beasts, and play sets. And yes, even the Meteorbs.

    2. For major and popular characters from all other media to be represented, especially Madame Razz and Broom, Sprocker, Spragg, Spiritina, Imp, Hunga, Melog, FILMation Hordak, Dylamug, Lizard Man, Montork, Dre-Elle, Robot Knights, Kittrina, Lord Masque, Darius, Mara, Crita, Mask of Power Demons, Garn, Lodar, Calix, Praevus, Horde Wraiths, Evil Seed, Snake Armor He-Man, Songster, Karg, movie He-man movie Skeletor, Despara, DC He-Man, etc.

    3. For the classics machine to be turned on temporarily anytime in the future when new media presents a new character to the mythos, regardless of any current toy lines that would showcase these characters. Example: if MOTUC ends before the new movie comes out, I'd like to see those characters made for MOTUC anyway, even if there is a separate movie toy line.
    Aaron’s Top 10 (In Order):
    Starburst She-Ra, Hunga the Harpy, The Twiggets, Stridor, Catra’s Cat Form, Kay-La, Skeleteen, Mini Comics Garn, Spinwit, FILMation King Miro

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    1. Snake Mountain. I'd like other playsets too, but Snake Mountain is the big one. Combination of vintage & Filmation, with the option to add the extra snake head from MYP.

    2. NA completed. Despite claims by ToyGuru that we could potentially get additional NA characters in 2016 and beyond, I very much doubt this will happen and NA will forever be left with major gaps.

    3. Movie figures. I'd have thought it'd have been reasonably cheap and easy for Mattel to get the rights to these characters since the movie wasn't exactly a huge success.

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    1. Lower the costs
    2. drop Digital River and Newgistics
    3. redo all the bios to remove the suckiness
    "How I loathe heroes! Always getting in the way and acting so... so... heroic!"

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    Well I have no problems with the products themselves. What I would wish for is more savings.

    Free Shipping Codes: Every quarter you get an e-mail code for free shipping on orders over $50 (can only be used that month).

    More Removable Parts: I wish that the heads, hands, arms, legs, feet, and hair were all made to be able to snap off easily and fit easily onto other figures. I think the ability to change heads was brilliant. Wish you could do this with hair, and other parts.

    (3)More Create-A-Character contests and Help Write the Bio contests.

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    Rebel Jubilation's Avatar
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    1) Complete POP line in MOTUC
    2) Missing POP Filmation characters: Madame Razz, Grantia, Sundar, Hunga and Vultak.
    3) Crita

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    A Surprise Mini-Sub (without BS)
    Get some great, colorful, highly fan-demanded characters from all universes out. Nobody knows what will come, and we can speculate about some more obscure characters again. For the love of Sagitar, Darius, Josh, Songster, Lodar, and stuff.
    MOTUC Most Wanted:
    Sagitar - Tuskador - Saurod - Mermista - The Crimson Fury - Entrapta - Kittrina - Artilla - Sssqueeze - Garth - Vultak - Dylamug - Lodar - Ninjor - Admiral Scurvy

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    1 One more filmation sub with figures like Lizard man, Kittrina and Dragoon
    2 Roton
    3 Filmation vaiants like Hordak, Leech and especially Merman

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    Cool thread!!

    1) For all vintage playsets and vehicles to make it into the line (especially Snake Mountain!)

    2) New media!!! A new cartoon series and/or continuation of the MYP series would ROCK!!! Hoping the new movie happens sooner than later and is made well!!

    3) For MOTUC's to continue for AT LEAST another 5 years!!!! I know this is a pipe dream, BUT it sure would be awesome!!!!!!

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    Heroic Warrior
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    1. New figures and characters based on the new DC comics series.

    2. The 87 movie characters as figures.

    3. Dragon men in various colours (meaning different breath weapon etc) as army builder two pack for Draego-Man thus elevating him to leader of his own new faction.

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    1. For the legal rights to anything regarding the Masters of the Universe franchise to be nicely collected in one wonderful (but not monopolizing) effort to send the characters and lands we know and love onward and upward to greater glory, so that these characters become as recognizable as King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, or the Avengers or one of those big-shot groups.

    2. As an extension of that desire to see a more prolific He-Man franchise, tons and tons of new Masters media. New series of animated Masters of the Universe films taking place in variable but recognizable continuities, representing everything from Mini-Eternia to MOTUC and beyond-- I'd compare this hypothetical franchise to the line of DC Comics animated films. Additionally, an animated television series to match using characters from any and all continuities, unifying the different continuities as best possible rather than representing them individually. Market the movies to older fans and the cartoon show to kids without sacrificing character depth. Hollywood movie? Fine, as long as it treats the source material with respect. Comics for kids! Fantasy novels for readers of all ages! Most importantly, for all these variants on the franchise, there will still only be one toyline, sold in stores at reduced prices compared to how they've been sold online: Masters of the Universe Classics, with reissues aplenty, tons of good new toys, and which by no means will be dependent on subscriptions to maintain its existence.

    3. Huh. The first two wishes really cover a lot of ground. That last part of the second wish might even qualify as a third one. Okay, assuming it isn't, I wish I had enough money to buy ALL the He-Man stuff several thousand times over.

    Because I'm a poor college student with only five MOTUClassics and a single MYP season to my name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jubilation View Post
    1) Complete POP line in MOTUC
    2) Missing POP Filmation characters: Madame Razz, Grantia, Sundar, Hunga and Vultak.
    3) Crita

    We need all these characters!!!!!!!
    10 Most needed items for MOTUC...

    Heroic: King Miro / Prince Dakon
    Evil: Skeleteen
    POP: King Micah / Twiggets 3 pack
    Horde: Hunga the Harpy
    POG: Oracle
    Rock People: Granita
    NA: Sebrian / Sagitar

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    Court Magician
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    1. Able to easily buy these within the UK
    2. Scrollos
    3. Light Hope

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    1. Complete POP line, including all vintage and Filmation figures.

    2. Complete NA line, including all vintage and major Jetlag figures (Crita, Master Sebrian).

    3. Filmation Fright Zone playset
    Master Sebrian for MOTUC!

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    Quote Originally Posted by yodafreakmaster View Post
    Cool thread!!

    Everyone has such great wishes! Keep 'em coming.
    TOP 5 MOST WANTED: Filmation Whiplash, Filmation Ram Man, Filmation Two-Bad, Ice Armor He-Man, and Snake Mountain Man

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    1. Filmation Skeletor
    2. Filmation Teela
    3. Filmation/MYP style Snake Mountain playset
    Let's get HUNGA THE HARPY before 2016!

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    1) All vintage MOTU and NA figures to be released in Classics.
    2) 87 Movie rights.
    3) Battle Ram.

    Never gunna happen:
    1) European distribution center (which would mean cheaper postage and no custom fee's).
    2) No further price increase.
    MOTUC Most Wanted: Kayo, Vizar, Hoove, Lizorr

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    14.99 Pricepoint
    Sold At Retail
    An ongoing Web-based micro series ( 10-15 min episodes, Interconnected into one long overarching story)

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    Snake Mountain
    Back half of Battle Ram
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    1. Golem 2-pack (stone and sand versions)
    2. Second Filmation subscription in 2014.
    3. Princess of Power subscription in 2015.

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    1. Matty to have zero restrictions on making figures of MOTU characters (like they did with Filmation and have now with movie characters).

    2. A new cartoon continuing where Filmation and 200x left off (eventually crowning King He-Man, Sorceress Teela, then Queen Teela, etc)

    3. 2 or 3 comics titles that depict the He-Ro/King Grayskull era (and runs through the Vikor and Oo-Lar era, etc), recount Filmation and 200x series into one complete continuity, and a new era continutity that goes along and enhances the cartoon listed in #2.

    4. With all of the new media mentioned in #2 and #3, re-issue popular figures like Teela, Sorceress, Fisto, Shadow Weaver (adjusted to be a little different), Horde Troopers, and more so new collectors can get in on the line and build their collections while existing collectors can fill holes and customizers have a larger pallet to work with.

    Was that 4? No biggie. Those rules looked more like guidelines to me.
    Take it easy,

    Looking for: deals on MOTUC Roboto, King He-Man, Meckaneck, Zoar (from Sorceress) and more!
    Have to trade: A couple MOTU vintage, GIJOE (vintage 3.75 inch and 25th Anniversary figures and vehicles), Star Wars, Transformers (movie line), and Marvel Universe and a few Marvel Legends, plus MORE!.

    darthdrew13's B/S/T

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