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Thread: FOR FUN: IF you were granted 3 wishes for MOTU Classics, what would you wish for???

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    Magenta cardback Faker

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    1) Mattel gets the rights to the movie, so that they may provide Skeletor and God Skeletor to melt my brains into boiling joy.

    2) A separate 200X sub to get all those stragglers and variants

    3) Disco Skeletor. Yeah, I'm using a wish on that.
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    Small time people...

    1. Complete all figures
    2. Complete all Playsets

    1. Complete all vehicles
    2. A movie Based on THE FIGURES. NOT some "artists" idea.
    3. Continue Weapon/Armor packs

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    1st wish id wish for 10 more wishes.
    then snake mtn
    battle ram
    road ripper
    night stalker
    And all filmation to be made
    all vehicles vintage and filmation
    and save the rest of the wishes for another time

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    #2 Open up MOTUC Pre-Orders for...well anything.

    If we want friggin' Starship Eternia, or anything else out of the ordinary, then there should be a pre-order for it to measure the actual demand. If the pre-order fails, then it will be for THAT. PARTICULAR. ITEM. Don't let one failure throw all of the other playsets or vehicles under the bus.

    • Vehicles
    • Playsets
    • New production on older figures

    The Official 200X Sorceress vs 200X Evil-Lyn 2 Pack Support Thread
    The Blonde Teela Thread

    Sagitar (Jetlag) Azdar Belzar Chazdar 200X Evil-Lyn 200X Teenage Prince Adam 200X Teenage Teela 200X Sorceress General Rattlor (MYP) 200X King Randor and Queen Marlena 200X Battle Armor King Randor and Battle Armor Queen Marlena Ice Armor He-Man WMD Roboto

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    1. Battle Ram
    2. An Entrapta vs. Double Trouble two pack
    3. Skeletor's Filmation Robot Warriors two pack

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    1. All remaining vintage MOTU and POP items in MOTUC (vehicles, figures, playsets, etc...)

    2. The Filmation Attak Trak

    3. That we make at least 100% of needed subs every year so this great line continues forever

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    I wish for an online build-a-figure app on the Matty Collector site where you can build a figure from any of the currently-available bucks, armor, heads, weapons, etc. Pick the parts, pick the colors, buy the figure.

    I wish for a new characters subscription. Great Black Wizard, Goldenrod, Snarllllll, all those guys and more.

    I wish for a new plant-based plastic-like compound to be invented so action figures can be made more affordably for everyone from the vendor, to Mattel themselves, all the way down to us.

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    - All vintage MOTU, POP, and NA figures made as MOTU Classics figures.

    - Rights to ALL '87 movie characters

    - Obscure characters like Mini-Comic Garn, Admiral Scurvy, Prince Zed, Skytree and Songster are made.
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    1. Snake Mountain to go with Grayskull.
    2. Unlimited Horde Troopers
    3. My own list of remaining figures to be made
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    1. Point Dread with Talon Fighter!
    2. Full collection of POP - Including the Twiggets, Admiral Scurvy, Colonel Blast, Vultak, Hunga, General Sunder, Inspector Darkney, False Face, Catra in cat form, All of the steeds! Horde Wraiths, plus toy variants.
    3. A new cartoon series, or continuation of 200x, with spin-offs that include NA and POP. To run no less than 6 more seasons with full length feature animated films and specials, encompassing the Horde, Snake Men, classic and Filmation villains, She-Ra and the Great Rebellion, the future warriors, and an actual resolution to the series.
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    1. Tyrantisaurous (or one of the Dinosaurs)
    2. Mantisaur
    3. Monstroid

    Bonus Wish: New Fright Zone!

    I'm really into the Beasts. There are a lot of vintage figures I could do without if we could just get some of the classic beasts. I was pretty much heart-broken when Battle-Lion was announced, though.
    I was really hoping for something new. If the other $38 dollar item is another horse I'm gonna cry.

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    1. Film rights. I want Karg, God Skeletor, and and a Trooper or two!
    2. Thinner buck for certain characters like Lizard Man and teen Prince Adam
    3. Complete the roadmap and then some!!

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    Great thread by a great guy!

    1) ALL Vintage MOTU, PoP, and NA figures made in Classics!

    2) '87 Film Sub with Lubic, Julie, Kevin, Karg, Shock Trooper 2-Pack, and Movie Costume versions of MOTUC He-Man, Skeletor (both looks!), Teela, MAA, and The Sorceress.

    3) Jungle Attack He-Man
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    1. Snake Mountain

    2. Horde troopers evergreen

    3. New cartoon (that does not focus solely on he-man, kinda like the 90's x-men series)
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    1) Another 2-3 years of MOTUC subscriptions/figures on MattyCollector. (or however long it takes for us to be content with the overall collection)

    2) Snake Mountain

    3) Filmation Count Marzo
    BLK FLWR!!!!

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    1. Vehicles
    2. Snake Mountain
    3. More Vehicles!!

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    1. Filmation Kowl
    2. Enough sub holders to guarantee to finish the line in 2015
    3. No more playsets, large items, vehicles or beasts - just figures in every spot possible!

    MY Feedback Thread :

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    1. All the vintage POP girls completed in 2014.

    2. A 12 figure Filmation sub running concurrently with the 2015 subscription.

    3. Josh. I would love to see him retconned into a viable role in the Great Rebellion.
    Etherian Rebel JOSH for the MOTUC (see my avatar)!

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    1. Mini-comic mini sub with DC mini-comic style Ram Man, Tri-Klops and Trap Jaw
    2. Magenta card back Faker, I'm with ya, Berserker79
    3. MOTUC Lodar!
    Mike Scabs

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    1. A 4 sided Castle Grayskull or another two side add-on to the one we're getting.

    2. The finish of the line, to include at least one vehicle for each faction.

    3. A Snake Mountain playset based more on the cartoon more than the original toy.

    And for the love of god, for everyone to get along when it comes to this line, I would actual use all 3 wishes just for this one thing.
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    3 wishes.... Mmmmmm

    1. An 8 figure Filmation sub to be included in the next two years (with Lizard Man, Vultak, Granita, Hunga, Imp, Sunder, Madame Razz, The Twiggets for instance) to make sure we get the most popular animated characters before 2016

    2. An unexpected playset (like Castle Brightmoon, Eternos Palace or a Filmation Fright Zone)

    3. A deluxe diorama to be released around the end of the line (hopefully not until 2017! ) including LP He-Man vs LL Skeletor (with action features that really work!)
    10 Most needed items for MOTUC...

    Heroic: King Miro / Prince Dakon
    Evil: Skeleteen
    POP: King Micah / Twiggets 3 pack
    Horde: Hunga the Harpy
    POG: Oracle
    Rock People: Granita
    NA: Sebrian / Sagitar

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    1. MOTUC Snake Mountain Playset modelled on Filmation but incorporating the vintage playset features.

    2. Rights to the 1987 movie figures/likenesses

    3. Rights to the concept figures from the Tomart magazine article.
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    01 Mattel gets the 87 Movie rights - so we can finally get Karg, Lubic and Movie Skeletor!

    02 Snake Mountain

    03 Every vintage MOTU, POP, NA and major characters from comics, 200X and Filmation get made.
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    1st: Significantly lower production Costs - less costs = lower selling price = more affordable = higher sales = more toys
    2nd: Distribution center in Europe - less shipping costs for internationals AND no custom fees = more money to spend on the toys instead of shipping and custom fees
    3rd: More fan-input (fan-choice figures, create-a-character, fan-choise accessories and so on)
    Positivity, folks!
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