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Thread: FOR FUN: IF you were granted 3 wishes for MOTU Classics, what would you wish for???

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    Feb 2013
    1.) Snake Mountain
    2.) Alcala He-Man - aka Savage He-Man
    3.) No.3 I am reserving for more Horde Troopers for now!!!!!!!! I want a Trooper Armer!!!!!!!!!

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    1. '87 movie rights
    2. Eternia Three Towers playset
    3. For the line to continue well after 2015, so we can get figures like Songster.

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    I would wish for.....

    1) All the vintage NA characters including Darius
    2) The Astrosub and Shuttle Pod
    3) The line to be more popular so it makes it to toy stores

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    1. Filmation variants (Mer-Man, Hordak, Skeletor, Clawful, Leech ...)
    2. Re-issues of some great figures (Draego-Man, Octavia, Scare Glow ...)
    3. Lower prices!

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    Macduff, Scotland. United Kingdom of Eternia.
    I would wish for:
    - All vehicles and smaller accessories like Stilt Stalkers and diorama pieces to be made.
    - 2.0 versions of the original 8/10/12 back characters with extra accessories, heads and more articulation. Like a "Deluxe" or "Ultimate" edition.
    - Snake Mountain, Fright Zone and Crystal Castle to be at the very least, considered for pre-order status.
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    3 wishes...

    1) Mattel is given the '87 movie rights and the rights to every possible He-man figure idea
    2) All possible figures are made (from all media, no matter how obscure| Ninjor to Yellow Tug of War Guy to the old guy in Filmation to the NA scientist's)
    3) I would have a place to set them all up. If that doesn't count then, Congress would pass a law that every house hold must purchase at least one Club Eternia Subscription.

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    1. Commitment to Playsets for all major factions: Snake Mountain (Filmation), Fright Zone (Filmation), Crystal Castle (Filmation), Starship Eternia, Eternos Palace (MYP), Nordor, Something for the Snake Men, Whispering Woods

    2. Rights to the 1987 Movie

    3. All Vehicles from the Classic POP, MOTU, and NA lines
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    1. Snake Mountain which would incorporate both Filmation and Toy elements.
    2. Vehicle Pre-order system (let fans decide what is cost effective to make based on their pre-purchase dollars)
    3. Matty collector to leave items up until they actually sell out so the Matty Store seems a little more impressive to new buyers.

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    Fishers, Indiana
    1. I'd wish for all notable characters in the giant MOTU-verse get made
    2. I'd wish for all major buildings/locations get made (Snake Mountain, Fright Zone, Crystal Castle, Eternia, Eternos Palace, etc)
    3. I'd wish for all major vehicles/steeds get made

    That could all probably just boil down to one big wish......I want it ALL!!
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    Here are my three wishes gathered together, with number three at the very end!

    #1) 200X Variant Full-On 12 Month Subscription
    Number #1 want of all time...and it's a biggie. This should come of no surprise to those who know me since 2008.

    A full-on 12 month 200X/MYP Variant Sub with no BS.

    Regular Figures:
    • MYP Sy-Klone
    • WMD Roboto
    • King Hsss
    • General Rattlor in MYP colors and armor, complete with shin and arm armor
    • MYP Tung Lashor
    • MYP Teela
    • MYP Prince Adam
    • Cloak and Dagger Evil-Lyn
    • 200X Webstor
    • MYP Sorceress
    • Captain Randor
    • 200X Skeletor

    Quarterly He-Man variants:
    • Snake Armor He-Man
    • Horde Armor He-Man
    • Ice Armor He-Man
    • 200X He-Man

    Quarterly Beasts/Giants:
    • Azdar
    • Belzar
    • Chazdar

    • Traveling Exclusive: 200X Orko without the long shirt or the knees
    • SDCC exclusive: Royal Palace King Randor and Queen Marlena
    • Holiday Item: Battle Armor King Randor and Queen Marlena

    Include bonuses like the Corodite Crystal, Veridian Honey Berries, Ambrosia, The Legacy Stones and a silver Doomseeker.
    #2) Open up MOTUC Pre-Orders for...well anything.

    If we want friggin' Starship Eternia, or anything else out of the ordinary, then there should be a pre-order for it to measure the actual demand. If the pre-order fails, then it will be for THAT. PARTICULAR. ITEM. Don't let one failure throw all of the other playsets or vehicles under the bus.

    • Vehicles
    • Playsets
    • New production on older figures
    #3) NEW MOTUC entertainment media.

    • Two yearly, direct-to-video animated movies. One for MOTU and the other for another MOTU era, such as POP, NA, Powers of Grayskull a team-up video, tales of Pre-Filmation MOTU. Like how Barbie and Monster High have. We bring back the MYP AND the remaining Filmation creative guys. Larry DiTillio, Dean Stefan, Tom Sito...we get them all on the same team! Imagine if we could get a John Erwin He-Man and a Cam Clarke Prince Adam on the same toon!

    • I would keep the DC New 52 MOTU comic, but I would make a second MOTU comic...this time it's a more traditional MOTU comic with Axel Jimenez doing art and someone from the fan community doing the writing. I'd nominate Val, but coloring multiple books might make more loot than writing one title. It would be as if things never ended in the 80's and would have that mini-comic vibe, only with continuous ongoing stories and character arcs. The comic would start with the 8 back and the major supporting characters (Randor, Marlena, Sorceress) and would introduce a new character, vehicle, playset, beast or variant every few issues.
    We'd have the new stuff and the old stuff, just like IDW does with Transformers.
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    The Blonde Teela Thread

    Sagitar (Jetlag) • Azdar • Belzar • Chazdar • 200X Evil-Lyn • 200X Teenage Prince Adam • 200X Teenage Teela • 200X Sorceress • General Rattlor (MYP) • 200X King Randor and Queen Marlena • 200X Battle Armor King Randor and Battle Armor Queen Marlena • Ice Armor He-Man • WMD Roboto

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    1) Madame Razz w/ Broom
    2) Movie Rights
    3) Yearly playset preorders...Snake Mountain, Fright Zone, Crystal Castle etc etc...
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    I'd like the castle to be about 30% bigger,
    A deluxe He-man/Skeletor ,
    Deluxe Tytus & Megator ( slightly bigger than the vintage ones with all the articulation of the regular MOTUC's figures)
    A bear foot He-man,
    Green goddess, with newly sculpted tunic( no Teela leaves on the front) in regular plastic,
    The rest of the battle ram,
    And for DCs Warlord to get a slot in MOTUCs

    Coffee table book with all the mini comics old and new, as well as the top 100 CCContest figures contestants original artwork, then the re-done by Mattel version, With a big well thought out Four horse men making of chapter at the back!

    A new classics style cartoon done with passion and skill,

    A new CCContest ........that I win !!!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MOTU_Maniac View Post
    I would wish for:

    1. NEW media to include: live-action movie, animated movie, and new cartoon series with a chance for me to be an extra in the live-action movie.
    2. A chance to help design/ create my own action figure from start to finish with the help of the 4 Horsemen as well as be able to shadow Toyguru when my figure is first announced at SDCC.
    3. ALL vintage MOTU, vintage POP, vintage NA, 200X, comics, and CAC contest (old and new) characters made into MOTU Classics along with the playsets, vehicles, and beasts.
    I updated my list to be more detailed after seeing so many creative and well thought out responses.
    TOP 5 MOST WANTED: Filmation Whiplash, Filmation Ram Man, Filmation Two-Bad, Ice Armor He-Man, and Snake Mountain Man

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    For me, I would:

    1. Deal with the NEW He-Man Movie and help with ideas
    2. Invest in an attraction park with the Theme of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.
    3. Create a 200X Mini Sub

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    1. Eternia Playset with a landing pad for Starship Eternia
    2. Mini-sub of "Protectors of the Sword" starting with Oo-Lar and introducing new characters to fill the story between Vikor and Wun-Dar.
    3. A leather bound book explaining everything so we don't need to keep reading the bios.

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    Well for me, I think #1 would be a updated cartoon kinda based on classics--almost like an updated Filmation to be produced.
    2) An add on sub with all new characters (like the Motu 30th sub)

    3)For the line to last at least 10 years

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    1.) Snake Mountain
    2.) 1987 movie rights
    3.) Lizard Man II gets made in toy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bowisawesome View Post
    2. An Entrapta vs. Double Trouble two pack
    This is my first wish.

    2. People stop moaning about anything other than vintage MOTU being in the line.
    3. The line goes on to include everything that everyone possibly wants from this line to be made.
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    N.W. Indiana
    1) Snake Mountain

    2) more 200x characters

    3) SNAKE MOUNTAIN!!!!!

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    Heroic Podcaster
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    Apr 2009
    1. A pre-order system
    2. Mini masters get their scale fixed and every motuc figure gets made in mini form
    3. 2 packs to be released as two single carded figures instead of one big box

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    Heroic Warrior MLHumble's Avatar
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    1. New Cartoon
    2. I would get to design a new character for 4H to sculpt
    3. Songster in Classics!
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    1. A Subscription toy-line for all of the characters from the 1987 MOTU movie!
    2. Snake Mountain for MOTUC.
    3. Songster for MOTUC.

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    Chewer of Trollans
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    1. reissues
    2. mini-comics, starting with... reprints
    3. Figures hanging on store pegs!

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    1) All Vintage, Pop, NA characters and prominent FILMation and 200X variants made
    2) DR is replaced with another company
    3) All figures that have been sold out and cost $100+ on the secondary market reissued including Shadow Weaver for the fans that missed out.
    Hey Super7 I'm looking forward to what you do for Classics and I'm awaiting these figures!

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    1. Snake Mountain
    2. Skeleton Warriors -- and TONS of them
    3. More wishes!
    -----1. More vehicles
    -----2. Fright Zone
    -----3. Horde Trooper Reissue
    -----4. For the line to fully continue and conclude as planned
    -----5. A new cartoon series to match or exceed the previous ones!

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