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Thread: Custom Dinosaucers 'Genghis Rex' done MotU classics style

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    Custom Dinosaucers 'Genghis Rex' done MotU classics style

    Ready for some 80's cartoon goodness? Here's the main baddie of the Dinosaucers cartoon, a custom Genghis Rex created in the He-Man Classics style! Rex was made using a MotU Classics Clawful body, Icarus arms/jetpack/armor, Xtractaurs T-rex head, Sigma 6 Zartan shoulder pads for hip armor, movie Spiderman Lizard tail, and hands from a Nefarious Ratchet and Clank figure. Genghis Rex's gun came from a Ghost Rider movie Vengeance figure and he was painted using Testors Model Master, Formula P3, and Vallejo Model Color paints.

    More pics here---> Custom Dinosaucers Genghis Rex figure

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