-Shipping in not included.
-Contact me about international shipping questions
- Feel free to make offers but most prices are firm
-I'm a picky grader on the MOC stuff so it's probably in better shape than i graded
-all MOC figures come with Star Case

Feel free to contact me with any questions. please let me know if you need a photo and I can send you a pic.

-there is some stuff i am still looking for to trade for like parts and cardbacks.

Please see the bottom of the page after the last item in the sale list

thanks for looking


MISC Items
SW Darth Vader Greeting Card Sealed/unused -$15
SW Ben Kenobi Christmas Cards Sealed/unsused - $5
SW Canadian Coloring Book- $20
SW Album Music From Star Wars- $3
SW Han/Chewie Dixie Cups Box Flattened -$3
SW Cola Cola Cup- Darth Vader/Tarkin -$10
SW Coca Cola Cup- Boba Fett/Vader -$25
SW Coca Cola Cup- C3PO/R2D2 -$10
SW Dixie Cup Stormtrooper -.50
SW Dixie Cup Jawas -.50
SW Dixie Cup Darth Vader -.50
Star Wars Kenner Sales Ad Comic Book Insert Version # 1 -$10
Star Wars Kenner Sales Ad Comic Book Insert Version # 2 -$10
SW Burger King Glass- Luke Skywalker -$10
SW Marvel Special Edition Star Wars Jumbo Comic # 2 -$8
SW Waddington’s Action Figure Puzzle- $30

ESB Chewie Cake Plates Sealed -$5
ESB Burger King Glass- Lando/Bespin- $5
ESB Cup Luke/Han/Vader/Boba & more -$5
ESB Official Magazine -$6
ESB Wrapping Paper Roll Sealed- $20
ESB Topps Jumbo Cards $2 each, comes with a wrapper, take your pick!

ROTJ Yoda Night Light MOC -$12
ROTJ Darth Vader Pointing Puzzle Sealed - $8
ROTJ Cup Luke/Yoda & Darth Vader/Guards -$3
ROTJ Cup Ewoks/Leia/Droids- $2
ROTJ Cup Lando/Leia Disguise & Han/Chewie -$2
ROTJ Cup Ewoks/C-3po Pepperidge Farm- $2
ROTJ Burger King Glass- Ewoks- $8
ROTJ Burger King Glass- Luke/Emperor/Vader -$10
ROTJ Burger King Glass- Han/Luke/Sarlaac- $8
ROTJ EWOKS Wicket nightlight MOC- $10
ROTJ EWOKS Toothbrush Empty Box with insert- $8
ROTJ Dixie Cup Box Flattened Luke/Yoda- $1
ROTJ Bookmark Han Bespin- $2
ROTJ Bookmark Lando Skiff Guard- $2
ROTJ Bookmark Wicket- $2
ROTJ Presto Magic Sarlaac Pit Sealed- $10
ROTJ Presto Magic Ewok Village Sealed- $10
ROTJ Offical Magazine- $5
ROTJ Boba Fett Wilton Cake Pan- $120

CAP-2- $12
Radar Laser Cannon - $12
Tri-Pod Laser Cannon- $15
PDT-8- $12
INT-4- $12
Landspeeder -$20
Dewback complete broken rein strap -$30
Dewback naked- $10
ROTJ Speeder Bike with box and instructions- $20
Scout Walker with instructions- $50
Darth Vader Case with Insert- $15
Tauntaun broken reins- $25
Tauntaun no reins only saddle, dark brown horns- $5
Tauntaun open belly, beater- $3

X-Wing Fighter White with instructions- $60
AT-AT- $175
Tie Fighter- $50

Y-Wing Fighter- $70

Rebel Transport- $90
Troop Transport with story book- $55

Millennium Falcon- $90

12inch figures
C-3PO- $50
Boba Fett- $200

have more please ask

Diecast and Micro
Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter -$10
Landspeeder -$10
Slave 1- $20
Cloud Car- $15
X-Wing # 1 -$30
X-Wing # 2- $10
Carbon Chamber # 1 with instructions - $45
Carbon Chamber # 2- $8
Bespin Control Room # 1 with instructions- $20
Bespin Control Room # 2- $5
Bespin Gantry # 1 with instructions -$25
Bespin Gantry # 2- $5
X-Wing Fighter- $25
Tie Fighter no stickers- $15
Hoth Generator Attack- $10
Build Your Armies Mail Away Set- $20

LOOSE Figures
Luke Skywalker # 1- c-9, faded limbs, no saber, hong kong- $7
Han Solo Large Head- c-8.5, no gun, hong kong- $5
C-3PO- c-9, complete, hong kong- $15
Jawa #1- mint, complete, hong kong- $45
Chewbacca- c-9, complete, hong kong- $12
Darth Vader # 1- mint, complete, hong kong- $35
Darth Vader # 2- c-9, no tip, hong kong -$10
Princess Leia- mint, I’m pretty sure gun is repro, hong kong -$30
Ben Kenobi # 2- c-9, ripped arm hole, no saber, hong kong -$5
Luke X-Wing- c-7, no gun, hong kong- $3
Death Star Droid- c-8, complete, hong kong- $5


Bossk – c-9, complete, hong kong- $10
Leia Bespin # 1- c-9.5, no gun, hong kong- $10
Bespin Security Guard Fu Man #1- c-9.5, complete, hong kong- $12
BSG Fu Man #2, c-9.5, complete, hong kong- $12
BSG # 1- c-9.5, complete, hong kong- $12
BSG # 2- c-9.5, complete, hong kong- $12
Rebel Soldier # 1- c-9.5, complete, hong kong- $10
Rebel Soldier # 2- c-8.5, complete, hong kong- $6
FX-7- mint, complete, hong kong- $10
Rebel Commander- mint, complete, hong kong- $10
Dengar # 1- c-9.5, complete, hong kong- $10
Dengar #2- mint, complete, hong kong- $10
Cloud Car Pilot- c-9, grey gun only, hong kong- $
Bespin Security Guard Black- mint, complete, hong kong- $15

Return of the Jedi

Weequay- mint, complete, H.K.- $8


Logray Staff- $3
Blue Han Hoth/Luke Bespin Pistol- $4
Weequay/Lando Skiff Force Pike- $3
Bossk Rifle- $4
Dengar/Snowtrooper Rifle- $3
Yoda Belt- $4
Luke Hoth/Rebel Commander rifle- $2
Ben Cape- $4
White Early Bird Foot Pegs - $5 each
Gas Mask -$1
Yoda Training Bag- $1
Hoth backpack - $1
Black Grappling Hook Belt- $1

Instruction Sheets

Ewok Catapult- $2
$1 Rebate insert- $4
TaunTaun Open Belly- $4
Speeder Bike- $3
Desert Sail Skiff- $2
Endor Forest Ranger- $2
ISP-6- $2


P- Punched
UNP- Unpunched
YB- Yellow Bubble
SYB- Slightly Yellow Bubble
ND- No Dents in Bubble
F- Flat Card
A- Attached Bubble
CB- Clear Bubble

Spider crease- a crease that can mostly be only seen in a glare
Pinch- looks like someone pinched the area
Base of bubble- any area of the bubble closest to the lip area (area that gets attached to the cardback)
Dull sticker residue- When a price sticker is removed cleanly, there is sometimes a dullness to the area on the cardback that is less shiny than the rest of the cardback


R5-D4- ROTJ 77bk, no offers, YB, F, A, P, ND, price sticker residue on top right corner, slight wear by punch otherwise no card defects, very nice- $150

8D8- ROTJ 77bk, no offers, Very SYB (8D8 looks white under there), UNP, F, ND, A, Price sticker top right corner, spider crease/veining from middle right of card edge working up though 8D8’s head on photo- $55

EV-9D9- POTF 92bk, UNP, Very SYB (the coin still looks silver under there), F, A, no visible flaws on card, very small unnoticeable dent where coin and bubble meet on the top right, bubble pinch by EV-9D9’s feet- $200