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Thread: Transformers for sale, 2013 Generations, RTS & Commemorative Book reissues....

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    Transformers for sale, 2013 Generations, RTS & Commemorative Book reissues....

    I am trying to sell some Transformers to consolidate my collection. I have sold many MOTUC on, and have an Ebay profile with 48 deals and 100% rating.

    Shipping is from Michigan.
    Individual item prices do not include shipping. Lot prices ONLY have shipping listed, contact for individual item shipping prices.
    Are packaged (even if opened and resealed) unless noted.
    MOC/MIB is not sealed, but recarded or reboxed. MOSC/MISB means factory sealed.
    Can be opened and shipped that way for cheaper shipping, please indicate.

    One thing, I ask that if you contact me, and I respond, please let me know if you still want them within 24 hours, or I will either contact the next in line or remove the pending label.

    Reveal The Shield
    Deluxe Bumblebee $7 MOSC
    Deluxe Perceptor $7 MOC

    Generations 2013

    Legends Starscream w/ Waspinator $7 MOSC
    Legends Bumblebee w/ Blazemaster $7 MOSC

    Legends (Takara TG-15) Autobot Data Disc Set MOSC
    Voyager Blaster (separate price) $25 MIB

    Commemorative Book Boxes

    Entire Lot $60 Shipping (lot pricing) additional....packaged $25, loose $12

    Commemorative Series Jazz $5 boxed, missing 2 missiles and launcher was modified, stickers applied.
    Commemorative Series Prowl $10 stickers applied
    Commemorative Series Grapple $10 stickers applied
    Commemorative Series Silverstreak $10 boxed, inner tray missing, has custom one, stickers applied.

    Universe (2009) Commemorative Edition Perceptor $15 MIB
    Universe (2009) Commemorative Edition Insecticons $15 MIB ......PENDING

    - - - Updated - - -

    Removed a few things, but I have a pending offer to someone for the rest of the stuff, but if it falls through it's still for sale.
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    Wanted....Entrapa, Light Hope, (A real) Filmation Hordak & Clawful

    Oh man, did I forget to use these [sarcasm][/sarcasm] again? Sorry....

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