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Thread: FS: Ultra Rare Power Lords Volcan Rock Playset

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    FS: Ultra Rare Power Lords Volcan Rock Playset

    Selling one the toughest playsets to find out here. The Power Lords Volcan Rock. With the resurgence of the Power Lords line from the Four Horsemen I was reminded I had this bad boy stored away just sitting there. Who wants it now?

    This is an EXTREMELY rare & hard to find vintage, original "Volcan Rock" playset, for use with the "Power Lords" line of action figures in 1982-83. Power Lords were produced by Revell in the early 1980's.

    This playset stands over 20'' tall x 28'' wide when opened all the way. It is in good used, played-with condition; 1 of the doors has a broken hinge but will still stay in place and the radar dish has 1 broken connector. It's a little dusty from years of storage but it is clean (no stains or sun fading) with minimal wear to the playset itself that I can see.

    It comes with all of the pieces and parts shown; I'm sure things are missing, but I don't exactly know what. Check out the pics for quality and completeness.


     photo 163_zps6f655b97.jpg

     photo 164_zps24d2d602.jpg
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