Hi guys....I have an extra set of Horde Troopers due to arrive this week that I've decided I don't want. I thought i'd offer them up here for a trade before I go and sell them for a stupendous amount on ebay. I'd be looking at a 3 figure trade on these bad boys. The only catch is that I live in Australia. If you're not in Australia but you are willing to trade, what I'd like to do is simple - I'd pay to send you the troopers and you'd pay to send me the figures I'm trading you for - that way, as far as I can see it, it's a win/win!

What I'm looking for is...

Thunder Punch He-Man
Battle Armor He-Man (with comic)
Battle Armor Skeletor
Zodak's unmasked head from the Strobo set
Mini Comic from Snake Man at Arms
Mini Comic from King He-Man.

I'd like these guys to all be complete - they do not have to be in their packets. I don't want played with figures though - if they've only been displayed then that's fine. If you're keen, are able to help me out or have any questions please feel free to drop me a PM!

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