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Thread: Original Design MOTUC Custom Horde Lord Vader

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    Original Design MOTUC Custom Horde Lord Vader

    Also on eBay as usual.

    lordvader.jpg lordvaderback.jpg lordvaderpose.jpg

    Fan Created MOTUC Bio for Horde Lord Vader (Not canon so he can be whatever you want him to be!)

    Real Name: Anakin Skywalker

    The Evil Horde is a universal presence and has scouting stations in place across the cosmos. One of these locales was located in the Outer Rim of what is commonly known as simply "the galaxy". Before the invaders could gather enough intelligence to mount a legitimate attack many of the Horde witnessed the execution of Order 66 from a safe distance. It was decided that the newly formed Empire was too much of an unpredictable threat to combat directly. The scouts remained behind to monitor the situation and regularly relayed stories of the many events that followed. The saga of Darth Vader was of special interest to Horde Prime, who judged the Sith Lord to be both the largest threat in the galaxy as well as the key to infiltrating and deposing the ruling Empire. This revelation came after hearing of Vader's brutal defeat at Mustafar and his subsequent need for a bulky and restrictive life-sustaining suit. It took several years before the Horde leader arrived with his entourage at Vader's retreat on Vjun. After a brief but intense battle between each party's automated weapons ended in a stalemate Prime and Vader came face to face at the gates of Bast Castle. Utilizing superior Horde technology Prime had ordered the construction of a light and flexible life suit for the Sith Lord that worked to enhance his already phenomenal abilities rather than hinder them as his traditional suit had done. Of course, the gesture came with the condition that Vader lead the Horde takeover of the galaxy. While the Horde was aware of Vader's frustrations with his suit, they did not realize that their offer was also attractive because he was becoming increasingly frustrated by his relationship with the Emperor. He chose to test the suit as long as he could perform the switch and demonstration with his own machinery inside the castle, so that he would not be vulnerable in the interim. Having little choice but somewhat annoyed Prime waited for Vader's decision. After a painful transition he found the new suit to be euphorically freeing, so much that it would have brought a tear to his eye had his ducts not been burned away years before. He felt more powerful than ever, quicker, stronger, almost human. But more than anything it made Vader happy, and he hated it for this reason. When he emerged from the castle with the Horde suit in hand Prime began to instinctively snarl in displeasure. After a few seconds of uncomfortable silence Prime took the suit and the two parted without a word. No one would ever know that the Horde leader's silence was due to a near fatal force choke.

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    dude: this is really cool.
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    Really really really awesome. I would buy thay cross-over.
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