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Thread: Wanted Scooby Doo with Santa Hat

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    Wanted Scooby Doo with Santa Hat

    Looking for this its about 4 feet tall and has a Santa hat on it, trying to find one for my sister Wendy here is what she wrote in her previous posts on the site regarding this item. As well as a pic of one with out the hat and in a wizard outfit just to show you all the size of it.



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    Wanted 4 plus foot tall Santa Scooby plush

    Back before my brother and I moved just after our dad died of Colon Cancer. Our family helped us move BUT our family had me curb a ton of stuff that they deemed were unnecessary to move since they were helping us move and everything they gave us no choice in the matter. Well, one of the items was a HUGE Scooby Doo stuffed animal. it had the traditional Scooby Doo collar and SD tag around his neck, along with a Santa hat on. I believe he also might have had red Santa-like boots maybe on his feet but I do not remember. This thing was one of those items you saw at carnivals and other places. It was like three or four feet tall. His head was so top heavy that it bent over.

    My dad and brother got this for me off ebay years ago for a Christmas gift. I was hoping someone might have one or knows where to get one. I do not sadly have a photo of it BUT I do have a smaller version of it that I am sure is a very close replica of it. If I can find the smaller version I will post a pic of it, its like only 8" lol. Can anyone help me? I think my brother and Dad paid about $150.00 shipped for it which is honestly the going costs for these huge guys on ebay But I have yet to find another sadly.

    Anyone that can help me get this pierce back I would be so grateful, the moment I gave it up I regretted it and have every single day since we moved on Sept 15th '09. I know it would not be the same one but I just want it back. I still regret it today, and will until I get one again, can anyone help? It was so top heavy that the head bent over at the neck.

    Thanks everyone.


    PS: Here is a Pic of the exact plus I am looking for BUT it has a rain coat and hat on and appears to be tan underneath for some reason. The Scooby I had and want is exactly like this one BUT no coat and is a solid brown plush color.

    I am really needing this and am looking for spend at least $300.00 plus shipping within the USA to get him again.
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