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Thread: Fair. Dcuc figures ms spidey marvel legends too

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    Fair. Dcuc figures ms spidey marvel legends too

    If you purchase dcuc as a lot 275 shipped. Otherwise individually as follows

    Ultra humanite complete build a figure 65 shipped or trade even for complete juggernaut from x men legends

    Custom JLU cartoon inspired Galatea dcuc figure 25 shipped

    90s Wally flash loose 25 shipped

    Flat paint version star sapphire Wonder Woman loose 17 shipped

    Blue lantern flash loose 17 shipped

    Fire & ice loose set 32 shipped

    Huntress loose with crossbow 24 shipped

    Nu 52 shiney deco batman loose 20 shipped

    Sinestro corps yellow Hal Jordan figure loose 18 shipped

    Black lantern Hal Jordan figure 20 shipped loose

    White lantern Hal Jordan figure 20 shipped loose

    Indigo lantern atom figure 18 shipped

    Toys r us updated longer taller sinestro 21shipped

    Black adam loose complete with amulet 30 shipped

    Hourman 15 shipped loose

    Phantom stranger loose 20 shipped

    Custom Painted wildcat in his blue deco 30 shipped

    The super powers inspired deco mr freeze 22 shipped loose

    Nu 52 batgirl 23 shipped loose

    Nightwing loose 25 shipped

    Medphyll the broccoli headed green lantern member 15 shipped

    Naut ke loi the fish green lantern member 15 shipped

    Marvel select disney exclusive loose complete classic comic spiderman 60 shipped

    Marvel legends
    Pizza spidey loose complete 30 shipped

    Battle damaged civil war capt america fig with bd shield 20 shipped

    Captain britain loose complete great paint apps 22 shipped.

    Spiderwoman 2015 loose complete 24 shipped

    2014 hydra agent loose complete 25 shipped

    2016 rogue loose complete includes juggernaut leg 45 shipped

    2015 red DD loose 20 shipped

    Feel free to make offers

    - - - Updated - - -

    Updated and feel free to make offers
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