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Thread: My best friend just published his first nove: Sonarr

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    My best friend just published his first nove: Sonarr

    Everyone talks about writing a novel, but he did it! It's a super hero story in the classic vein, based on some characters we came up with many years ago. I was story consultant/editor, but the tale is all his. He did a fantastic job putting it together; it's strongly character based (folks here know how important that is to the grumpy old dragon) and doesn't pull any punches at the emotional level. It explores what becoming a super could mean, and the costs a hero can face. Powerful stuff. The cover is unforgettable, as well, drawn by his very own, very talented son.

    The title is Sonarr (two "r"''s at the end), and is available on Amazon and other e-book sellers.

    Now the scary part: it's my turn. There will be a sequel, and this one is mine to write, with my buddy as story consultant. Wish the grumpy old dragon luck...
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    That's really cool.

    Is it only available as an e-book?

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