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Thread: SDCC Want List!

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    SDCC Want List!

    So, hoping to hear back from a couple people on some items but stillneeding some exclusives from the con. If you're going and have a little extraspace (I'll make it worth 'yer while) here is myon-the-go-hopefully-perfectly-manageable list from everything I've seen so farand not already secured (could they possibly make comic-conexclusives more difficult to find a complete list? Sheesh!). I'll be modifyingthis list right up to the last as things are announced, so there may bemore I need. Of course there's always the chance I could score some on Mattyand HTS but the odds of surviving a direct collision with an after con onlineserver are approximately.....but I digress.


    Gentle Giant Micro Super Powers 3-Pack (Qty 2-3)
    Star Wars Black Series Obi-Wan Kenobi (ANH) (Qty 2)
    Mattel She-Ra 11" doll (maybe covered)
    Mattel Thundercats: Thunder-kittens (at least one)
    DC Comics™ Multiverse Wonder Woman™ Figure + InvisibleJet
    Super7 MotU (maybecovered) (also need 1st 4)
    Ghostbusters Venkman &Ray (Marshmallow)
    Star Wars The Black Series Astromech Droid 3-Pk
    (maybe covered)
    Neca TMNT VGA (both sets)
    (And I still need the Club Grayskulls--all of them (He-Man, Trapjaw, Skeletor, Beast Man) + wouldn't mind an SDCCVoltron

    Other Misc Wants: Various MOTU Classics early releases--trade only, Spawn 10th(figure only is fine--mint of course), Icon Heroes Grayskull & AccessoryPack


    How long have you got?! Suffice it to say I have several tons of cool toys new and vintage frommany, many lines. Some examples: MOTU, G.I. Joe, Transformers, Star Wars,Star Trek, McFarlane, Neca, Simpsons, Marvel, DC etc. etc. etc. Pick 'yerpoison and we'll make a deal!


    I have boring old money. Your choice.

    If my PM box is full you can reach me at or the shopdirect:

    And a big THANKS to all willing to help!

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